PEOPLES “SO CALLED TRAINERS” ARE 99% FRAUDS, LIARS, INCOMPETENT,……..PROOF – at very best (the only thing worse is the idiots paying them,) HERE’S PROOF! Bert Seelman Results Are Proof The Great Fitness Fraud Performance […]

The “I KNOW” EXPERTS…..those that say this

The EXPERTS… you know… Those that say, “I KNOW”…. Don’t you just hate it? You know, when you say something or want to put a point across, and some blithering idiot (self proclaimed experts) just […]

Youth…Summer Sports, the Dangers..

YOUTH….. SUMMER SPORTS, the DANGERS…. Every summer parents try to get their children of various ages involved in sports programs. Some parents actually believe that most of the so called coaches are actually caring about […]

Fitness Programs, weight loss, are not working…..why

Fitness, weight loss are not working So many programs, so many claims, so many supposed experts, trainers, coaches, yet these programs are failing , and not working, not even a little, why? There are certifications, […]