Who We Are

WHO WE ARE….. We started from an early age, with a pressing “need for healing,” even though “it was supposed to be incurable without surgery!” Nope, that is not the way to go, we said, “regeneration, restoration, from the inside out!” (after all, every cell is regenerated every sixteen to eighteen months)

Sorry, even then “there was no pushing a limited belief on us” or our thinking! We researched, sought, investigated, and applied, every varied way, until something worked!

They, you know “they,” of, “they say,” were there “at every chance. We were told, doubtful, probably not, but we didn’t listen, we were too “committed to a positive end!”

Our, “intent,” was to build, and design a program that could predict, repeat, and sustain healing, increased performance, with health, long-term, every time! Through decades of consistent attention to detail, seeking, supporting, we found our clients’ results spoke for our “INTENT!”

So, who are we, we are now, a proven source for learning, healing, health, and physical performance. We believe in having an optimum life, and everything about it, all built from the inside out!

We believe for true total healing, and long life, the whole man, all three parts must be taken into consideration! The Spirit, Mind, and Body must all be understood and receive everything each piece requires for Health and Life! Starting with some food, and then some exercises, the building of programs, to searching for a better understanding of “total rehabilitation.” All this was leading to helping tens of thousands of clients, on several continents, with essential health!

Our idea went from a concept to a relentless compulsion, and now much MORE. Then writing a book that exposes Fitness Fraud(after all its about helping people) while also gaining the understanding, that man is a three part being! Which has led to knowing man is “Spirit, Mind, and Body,” so that leaves the reality of healing anything as a POSSIBILITY! (except those who are unwilling to have an open mind and heart)

Health isn’t just a profession, and it isn’t just a passion, it’s bigger, it’s about LIFE!

What We Do

We take idea’s that are ”not possible” to the to the point of thinking ”what if!”
Especially the more its ”not possible” the ”more consideration” we give it!
Then, some how more ”possibilities seem to appear” every time!
Now, we will actually act on a lot of these hunches, and sure enough somehow, someway, a positive result happens!
So then being ”out-there” we will repeat these again and again to be absolutely sure that it’s fact, those that repeat we keep, and use!
Now a big, big part of what gives us an unfair, huge, competitive edge is, that we know, and have understanding of ”HOW to treat” the ”three part man!” This of course meaning, the Spirit, Mind, and Body!
We because we are obsessive, and compulsive, about helping everyone in need of healing, health, and wellness, we obviously ”never ever believe in limitations!” This is especially so with conventionally educated findings of individuals educated from institutions!
That’s called ”institutionalized” isn’t it!
So, we early on started a ”motto,” which is in reality a slogan, which became our website, yet seemed to say it all, ”ResultsAreProof!”
People saw our clients who said, ”their results were not from the information,” but from our ”constantly reminding them, ” (ok, hounding) of every detail that needed to be adhered to! See, we wanted them to ”show our work!”
Then people came to ask us after seeing serious results, asking, are you for hire, and we immediately saw another motto with a spiritual overtone!
We said, yes we are for hire, yet actually meaning, yes we are for ”Higher!”
(again a spiritual higher)
So, what we do? It’s too simple, ”We ”care” at a ”higher level!”

We, Care!

At the deepest level, what we do is, CARE!

So after much thought about describing “what we do,”I decided to turn to an “old friend for help,” and as too often happens that “old friend”(Merriam Webster, the dictionary) was able to describe best and in depth, “what we do,”  WE CARE….

 Definition of one who cares,means they –

: have suffering of mind
: have a disquieted state of mixed uncertainty, apprehension, and  responsibility    
have a cause for anxiety
: is about painstaking or watchful attention
: has regard coming from desire or esteem, a care for the common good
is about a person and or thing that is an object of attention, anxiety, or solicitude

Yup,“care” that’s what we have done in all areas like, what’s “the best natural long-term answers” for this and for that! “Can we make it easier” in any way, yet still get the optimum results?

Can we be sure that we found “the best sources, and at the best price?”

When we refer another professional, have used “intense scrutiny” that they have “integrity” at the deepest levels!

We are constantly searching for new facts, improved methods, in everything, and with everything! Our belief in no limits, and that even the slightest small percent of improvement, when added to the other small percent’s, continue to “give us even more delivered results” for our clients!

We are ‘the source’ for designing “actual individualized,” comprehensive programs! Not just  programs, but rather “a system with information, and experience, creating a lifestyle!”  The  defining results, are the product of, “using accountability through intensive amounts of support,” to ensure each person reaches their desired goals!              (IMAGINE, LIVE HELP WHEN NEEDED)

Our view of care doesn’t just look at what appears to the average individual as, health, healing, wellness, and physical performance! Oh no, our observation looks, and see’s that, we are dealing with an individual’s “life forces!”

This is why,“we always deliver, where others only promise!” Why, because“we are not just for hire, we are for HIGHER!” (Spiritually)

So, now you know, what we do.

Why Us

SYNOPSIS OF WHY US …..   how do we do it, …

it’s about one’s “INTENT,” being for “Higher,”….not just for “Hire!”

WHY US, might better be stated,
Why Not Us, as our record shows that with tens of thousands of clients, for over 40+ years, and without exception, that we are the go to service in healing, health, wellness, and any physical performance needs!

Our clients get more proven, unequaled results, for any desired result, in less time, compared to any other program, anywhere else, all while learning for a life time! How do we always deliver, due to using more facts, with more working knowledge, and informative support!

We CARE MORE, and as our name says, “Results Are Proof,” and our secret is, that we have always believed, seen, and treated the whole man, the three parts, Spirit, Mind, and Body!

WE knew from the beginning, our intent has always been for, “Higher”(spiritual), NOT just for HIRE!

“Because of our care, in the extreme” as shown in our foundation being built on“defiance, against limiting beliefs!”(shows we had to think, and research, outside the box, we used lots of effort)

We started from an idea, out of extreme need for healing, a life-threatening situation, that was supposedly without viable hope! Then hearing and taking to heart the quote by Albert Einstein, ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge!”

Through believing that anything can be possible, imagination, and the gathering of facts, and relentless amounts of trying and failing, our positive results came through! Then connecting the positives, plus the use of more experimentation, more positive results revealed themselves.

Our relentless pursuit of more, faster, better results, “has shown itself in our ability with programs that are predictable, repeatable, sustainable, and are physician endorsed!”  (our clients testimonials)

We saw early on and took to heart what Hippocrates said, ”It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease,” than to know the sort of disease a person has!”

We realize this incite showed itself as “a critical factor to effectively treat,” any human!

So, the need to know “what sort of man,” required the knowledge that “man is a three part being!” A person must have “understanding” that man, is a three part being, a Spirit, a Mind, and Body, then and only then can a true understanding of  “what sort he is,” to be truly understood for treatment!


Dealing With the “Human Factor

Please, understand that our delivering or acquiring “optimum results” for our clients is a given!
Our “working knowledge” gives our clients and us the ability to “predict, repeat, and sustain the gained results!” By our gathering, more facts, plus the knowledge of more precise applications, gives the ability to have a more comprehensive program! This dedication to delivering the very most in “care, and or results,” is what has driven our programs! HOWEVER, please realize that “the level of success is directly proportionate to the level of client compliance!”

How many results are possible or enough?
Well, here is where the “human factor” comes into play! The “human factor” is as I see it is “the ability, desire, and accuracy of following directions!” The degree with which an individual follows the instructions is “the major determining factor!”

We can give so much information, and ask for so much intensive compliance of each application, for every detail, that it would be “way overwhelming, and seemingly impossible” to comply. This asking of “exactness” can be trying, challenging, stressful, and daunting, if there is not the deepest desire! We do our best to “fit” each program to each client’s desire and abilities!

We have found that using our so-called “human factor” or the “somewhat reasonable, somewhat reserved approach,” leaves the “space and time” to have a life, while not being overwhelmed! We found that the stress of “straining for perfection,” finds many burned out early on! Our programs use an “as necessary and as needed level of details” to accomplish an almost unbelievable amount of results. We detail “only the levels that must be utilized” to get the results desired by each person, and those are the results you see published!

NOTE: IF there were a more comfortable or more straightforward way, or a better method, that required less compliance or effort, we would use that!
It is not POSSIBLE, for more natural, more straightforward methods to allow more individuals to do more for themselves (trust us, we have tried)! The fact is “our asking of compliance,” is usually minimal, for what the body’s requirements dictate to produce our results published!

NOTE: If you desire to have “ALL the possible results maxed out,” we suggest that you contact us for a personalized “intensive” program, which programs we do have available!

Be informed, be careful what you ask for, as these types of programs are our specialty!

If you have a health condition or dangerous situation that demands you require maximum results, as quickly as possible, “this is where we shine,”…. however, “the shine is often more than some can bear!” (all things have a price of varied types and costs)

FACT: Our programs contain more “working knowledge” than any other program anywhere to date, period! Dare to compare! This has also gotten our being “endorsed by physicians!”

F.Y.I. – Our beginnings are steeped in safe, immediate, fast, measured, and proven results with athletes, for performance increases! In some cases, even yesterday seemed almost too late for some! We are here to facilitate your desired results, even to within what most call impossible!…. WE DESTROY LIMITED BELIEFS
NOTE: There is no difference in improving a beginning athlete’s level of physical performance than in taking a sick person to a level of improved or healed; it is all human performance!”

©copyright Bert Seelman 2016

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