Programs – Specific Designings / Engineerings

Programs entail (components)

Programs may require a few, many, or all of the following, depending on your specific needs or requirements…..

Initial meeting – usually free

Initial minimum consult if going ahead

Consult for in depth program needs
History of multiple varied factors
Addiction / cessation plan if needed
Cleanse if needed
Supplementation plan
Specialized supplements or herbal plans – medication reduction plan
Dietary plans – minimum – maximum
Food selection- prioritizing –   planning – rotations – preferences
Hygiene product awareness
Measurements- photos-
Body composition testing – to accurately adjust dietary needs
Exercise and or circulatory programs
Heart rates – monitoring / testing
Logging plan of specific goals and needs
Scheduling for training / rehabilitation

Program specifics – May also include –

Daily text, e-mail, or phone reports of specific, critical monitoring points and consulting
Rehab specifics plans
Observations of specific activities
Consult medication reduction possibilities
Food prep instructions
Food shopping – consult at locations
Specialized rehab- added instruct
Sports specific, coaching and referral
Herbal remedies instruction
Referrals to specific health services
Evaluations from additional therapies or Professionals
Plan for lifestyle

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Individual Personalized Programs”

Dietary Log Requirements – “example sheets available”
The following are REQUIRED facts, not probables or close details, but NEEDED ACCURATE recordings!

Day of week
Rest Heart rate
Wt. Am
Hours of sleep (sleep actual)
Supplement list with frequency
Total pints water per day
Time of eating
Food type
Amount wt / cups tbsp etc
Prep  type
Calories nearest 5
Complete protein only in grams
LEGIBLE Accurate

Note: This is a “formula,” a “blue print,” for each person specifically……
This will be corrected and used as an accurate way or means for the you the client to have a “future reference” for their specific’s, of your requirements, for life, this is a base, a part of a “life long working plan!”