Exercise – What It Really Is, Does, Causes –

Exercise what it really is, does, and causes,

Exercise, from the word Exert, as in Exertion.

Exercise is not recreation it is not for “enjoyment or pleasure,” Exercise is for “causing a change!”

Exercise = is the Triggering, the Stimulus, a stressor to bring about a hopeful positive response!

Exercise, is pushing muscle or muscles to a point “beyond the momentary existing state of ability,” a “stimulus or triggering!


Exercise, does not, nor cannot, “make” increased strength or muscle by itself!

Exercise can ONLY increase health,  strength, performance or increase muscle WHEN there has already been adequate nutrition and adequate rest or time BEFORE the exercise is performed!

Exercise can only trigger or stimulate a Positive Response, WHEN, “Reserves” from Nutrition and Rest or Time have been adequate, ample, enough, Before or PRIOR to exercise! The ability to respond by making lean or strength increases, AGAIN, must be ready, BEFORE the triggering!

Nutrition or nutrients are the “materials or “stuff” that make up the new or increased tissues, nutrients are the building blocks, so to speak!

Rest or Time is Required for accumulation, absorption and or processing, of nutrients and then being stored ahead as reserves to be ready to respond, when the triggering, or stimulus happens!

It is like shaving your legs or face and cutting yourself. Should you have
eaten the food to help clot the bleeding
after you cut your face, or the days before, so the clotting factors are all ready to work?….     
Of course before!

So understand that this is how the priorities sequence

#1- Nutrition,                               #2 – Rest or (time),                        #3 – EXERCISE!

NUTRITION  is 40 – 60% –         REST or (time) is  30 – 40% –       EXERCISE  is 10 – 12 %

The body could live and prosper “without Exercise,” IF proper nutrition and adequate rest were had!

Exercise   only determines, defines, creates, the “Performance LEVEL” desired,
exercise does not determine the health or responses!  YES, exercise can under certain circumstance assist, but much less than most perceive!


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