The “I KNOW” EXPERTS…..those that say this

The EXPERTS… you know… Those that say, “I KNOW”….

Don’t you just hate it? You know, when you say something or want to put a point across, and some blithering idiot (self proclaimed experts) just has to respond with, “I KNOW!”

Take for example when someone has been over weight or fat for quite some time, maybe years. Now that person has finally decided to actually do something to improve themselves, like start a diet! They will be in a group or around several people while the person states the information that they have finally done something about their health. Then, they make the statement about what they are doing to get there. Guaranteed, almost immediately some ignorant, self-impressed moron (actually self proclaimed expert), will have to say, “yeah, I know!” I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW! What the hell, someone needs to call “bullshit” on the person adding to the persons information, especially if they have known or been around that person dropping the information!

You see, if…IF A “SO CALLED FRIEND” (that person that said, I know) or an acquaintance has never given the person trying the diet any help or input, WHY NOW?  “I know” IS COMING OUT OF WHERE?  If they never “cared enough” before to share any helpful information, they are obviously NOT A FRIEND, nor are they truly caring ABOUT THAT PERSON!

Why, when the person who was overweight for a prolonged time, didn’t they offer their “I know” information to help them BACK THEN? WHY, really WHY NOT? Because, they didn’t want to get the person upset, and wanted them around for whatever they were getting! So even back then it was just to have the over-weight persons acceptance! SICK, very, very SICK!

I interview prospective clients for fat loss, who are way over weight and I will make statements as to what we may do, and they have the audacity to say, “I KNOW!” On occasion I will interview a person struggling to get well or off excessive medications and I may say, “we will do this or that!” The client many times says or responds, “I KNOW!” I will then many times respond to the suddenly become a self proclaimed expert), “so if you know all this, what the hell are you asking me?” Or I may respond, so if you “KNOW” WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SO SICK?” Or if they are fat, I will ask, “If you know, why the hell are you looking so bad?”

After many, many years of careful listening, questioning, and observing the answer is clear! People are ARROGANT, which means they have “contempt” prior to investigation. They are insecure and would like to appear like they DIDN’T KNOW, and they are seen for their being LAZY, and are SLOTHFUL! The main problem is, that people are so lazy, that they don’t even want to THINK! BUT PEOPLE WANT TO APPEAR SMART, so they automatically say, “I KNOW,” when they ARE FAR, FAR FROM SMART!


Ever notice, when you start a diet or an exercise program, all of a sudden EVERYONE KNOWS all the right answer, they seem to know everything!  Where the hell, were they?


People are so IGNORANT, and ARROGANT that you cannot teach them or show them, beside this if given just a short time, usually those (self proclaimed experts) people are so insecure that they will be back doing it the way it didn’t work before!

So, this is what “I KNOW,” unless there is MONEY INVOLVED and a good to steep PRICE, people will go back to what is commonly accepted, and being LAZY! WHY, because “ANY EFFORTS” ARE TOO MUCH!


Trust me on this one, people want EASY, FAST, CHEAP, AND NOT JUST RIGHT NOW, BUT …YESTERDAY!

More about the “I KNOWS” as in working out, they are the silly sort that seem to exercise and get no-where in the results area! They are the ones who will train and do multiple exercises and multiple sets for each muscle group when physiology requires only one to two sets maximum to stimulate the body to make change, yet they are so insecure they must keep over training to “make sure” they will get the job done! No using the resting heart rates to “know” for a fact if their workout was effective, and to guarantee that they are recovered and ready for another workout!

Another “I know” is weight loss, note they don’t say “fat loss” no they want weight loss! Even when it is detrimental because they are losing lean muscle instead of fat! But hey, “they know!” They are so insecure and misinformed that they do any diet that sounds good yet has no real testing to actually prove what’s going on! No they will defend anything they are doing, WHY, because they say, “I KNOW!” After all they must sound like they are an expert, quoting again and again “I KNOW!”

People as an example, if they want to lose weight, that’s all they care about is weight lost, NOT FAT, NOT MUSCLE, JUST WEIGHT LOST, so the scale dictates the only consideration! If the person loses muscle this slows the metabolism, BUT THEY DO NOT CARE!   Just lose the weight!

When a person wakes in the morning their blood sugar level is very low, because they have been fasting all night! This is WHY the first meal is called breakfast, or BREAK- ING the FAST, or breakfast! It is essential, imperative that the body receive food to raise the blood sugar level at this point! Waiting for several hours causes the body to change the priorities for food utilization!

Note: If a person’s blood sugar, is too low, for too long, their body goes into a survival mode also called STARVATION MODE! While in this state ALL FOODS EATEN are utilized for energy and not for any repair! Even complete protein will be utilized for energy!


The above shows why the “11 to 7 Diet” is insanity, and physiologically wrong, as are so many diets, like the H.C.G. DIET also! These diets lose more lean muscle than fat, slowing metabolism!

But ask anyone doing that diet and they will do everything to defend their ignorant and stupid decisions! You “know” the “Turbo Diet” or the “Intermittent Fasting Diet,” or the “11 to 7”  DIET, all ARE A  JOKE, because that persons health is being distorted also, but hey, they will tell you, “I KNOW!”

What these “I KNOW” individuals are, is deluded, moronic, non-logical, and EGO driven! Stay away from these types of self proclaimed experts! The only thing to do, is let them be the legends they think they are in their own minds! Their thinking is small, their insights are small their intelligence is small!

Do research, get facts, use logic, and do “what the bodies systems dictate” for consistent results, then you can’t go wrong! …Don’t be an “I know” especially when you don’t!

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