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This is not another diet or exercise workout program.  Way too often, a person’s nutrition plan and exercise routine work against each other, and almost all of them omit a vital ingredient, rest/recovery.  For the first time, this program teaches how to combine, coordinate, and balance these three essential elements—nutrition,  rest , and exercise—into one synergistic program for lifelong health and fitness.  The basics are the same whether one wants to regain health or better athletic performance.  The program is based on the author’s 39 years of research and practice in the field and his documented results on thousands of clients.  It is designed for use by health-conscious individuals, health care professionals, athletes, trainers, and professional coaches.

To learn more about the basics of this program,diet and exercise read Bert Seelman’s  book   ( the first of three)

“The Great Fitness Fraud”, three million victims and one program for your defense, at

This work is the base for all results in health, fitness, exercise, sports training and more! the information is all fact based, tested, tried, and proven!

Having worked with all types of athletes, youth, house wives, and medical conditions, more over I have had the ability to work with all types, personalities, mindsets, all the variables and more!

This book should be “the manual” for other personal trainers, coaches, and anyone desiring to gain maximum results for their clients! Try reading this to open your views, and approaches to get the edge in possibilities for physical performance!

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