Fitness, fatness, the EXORCISM…… reality, and proof! So what is fitness? What is a true state of being fit? What is fat, I mean literally? Exercise, is it spinning, aerobics, Zumba, shaka-u-butta? Com’on here really? […]


PERSONAL “STRAINERS, and COACHES” OR – FAKES, FRAUDS, WISH THEY WERE’S…..   A better description is “personal strainers,” or pocket drainers, or no brainers, or maybe entertainers!   YES, FAKES…..AT THE VERY BEST…….HERE IS WHY….. […]

Health, Fitness,… WHO’S STUPID?

Seriously, enough, it’s ridiculous, beyond a JOKE!   READ Carefully….   When you go to your “supposed Health Club, or Gym, or Doctor, or Personal Strainer” take a reality check, a serious look around at […]

patience….Reality, and the facts

REALITY….and THE FACTS….. Seriously, people are so emotional when looking in the mirror that all LOGIC,and REASONING goes out the window! People either WANT RESULTS RIGHT NOW or THEY BECOME worse, more emotional, almost demanding […]


TRAINERS – LIES – and “JAWZER-cise” WAR – enough, the lies, fraud, ignorance, stupidity has gone on long enough! I have been in the fitness and health field for over 44 years and it has […]

There Is Only Two Types of Exercise…

THERE ARE ONLY TWO TYPES OF EXERCISE…   Defective or Ego Self centered exercise, or Measurable, and Factual based proven Exercise.   Yes, everyone has their favorite, their preferred way of moving around to call […]