exercise – the real meaning

Regarding your results from exercise…….. Exercise is usually and most often misunderstood!misunderstood – Exercise- exercise is the deciding factor of what “level of performance” you want to be at. Exercise is a triggering, a stimulus […]

Making It Happen- results

Making It Happen- results This article was written some years ago, however it still applies, and is still true! However today it it even more difficult for people to be truly honest. True honesty is […]


EXERCISE MADE EFFECTIVE   Common sense + logic “vs.” perception   Your exercise or workouts are ONLY effectual if:      It is physiologically correct. THESE ARE FACTS!   1) The whole body is worked in […]

Exercise – Facts required for optimum results.

Exercise – Facts required for optimum results.   One set of an exercise is adequate, if the exercise is pushed to a point of stimulus for response or momentary muscular failure. More is actually unnecessary […]


FITNESS, FACTS, what are you getting? Exercise, weight loss, fitness, health clubs, and wellness programs…….what are you getting??? Facts, not feelings… Measured results, not maybe’s? Engineered successes, not guessing? Thinner leaner, stronger, healthier, are all […]