Morals, Motives, and Values….Words and Curves…

MORALS, VALUES, AND MOTIVES…..or “Words and CURVES” This has to do with more observations in “the three part man” spirit, body, and mind” The morals and motives……true meanings!!!! Words that can throw curves….at least in […]

patience….Reality, and the facts

REALITY….and THE FACTS….. Seriously, people are so emotional when looking in the mirror that all LOGIC,and REASONING goes out the window! People either WANT RESULTS RIGHT NOW or THEY BECOME worse, more emotional, almost demanding […]


PEOPLE LACKING LOGIC…REALITY…. EVEN NOTICE……emotional, hormonal, over sensitive, whiny, needy, extremely self endulged PEOPLE TRY to find a way to justify EVERYTHING THEY WANT TO BE TRUE OR FACTUAL……. you know the type that rave […]


Health Clubs, Trainers, and the Truth! So where do you or we start?     We start with the most important question, “what’s in it for you?” So the health club is offering basically equipment and space for […]

Addiction, the obvious at a glance

Addiction…….the obvious at a glance! People are a three part being, Spirit, body and mind. The spirit is given at the moment the sperm enters the egg (conception).  After the Spirit is given, then the […]


Mercenary or Medicine?                                                                                ©COPYRIGHT 2011 BERT SEELMAN What is about to be presented is or should be obvious to most. However many prefer to “go along with” or turn a blind eye to! The […]

programs for fitness, imagine – REALITY

IMAGINE, Fitness Programs, THIS IS REALITY… RESULTS So what does your workout, gym, class, trainer, coach, weight loss program include, exclude, impart, provide or lack, specialize in, supposed to deliver, and what have you actually […]