Modern Medicine, The Reality, and The Truth….
Take off your current glasses, and let’s take a different, clearer, very scrutinizing view!
STOP…clear your mind, no really…clear you mind, listen carefully, this will be an epiphany for most! Oh, and please no limiting beliefs either! Truly be open minded.
Please remember, that at one time not so many years ago the world was known to be flat, and motors for travel were “no such thing.” Flying was impossible, and the idea of talking across air waves was yet another impossibility!
Understand, that there has been a great GODless and heinous, “deception,” played purposely, upon the masses of the world!
This, heinous deception, is called “modern medicine,” and it has been “deeply and systematically programmed into the masses” and not just to take their money! It has been used to actually prolong treatments, and extend sickness, so that even more continued revenue can be extracted during their suffering and misery!
• The programming is to “purposely cause” the masses to “mistakenly believe and trust” that modern medicine is “caring, helpful, life enhancing,” and that the whole medical field is “ABSOLUTELY the only trusted answer” to better their health and healing!
Modern Medicine is “actually at the deepest level” all about continuing Big Pharma’s profits until the victim is totally drained financially, and at last physically dead!
Then there is yet another, cruelly deceptive practice called “hospice!”
The factual truth is, that hospice is not about easing the final throws of diseased death!
Hospice is actually “about an abbreviated extension of time” for more treatment, with expensive pain-relieving pharmaceuticals in intensive amounts until life leaves!
Yet selling the “idea” of being merciful!
And let’s not forget “modern medicines” ongoing practice of “just prior to death,” they always seem to offer some “new supposed,” experimental, “trial medications,” for even larger profits!
This, evil heinous deception, was purposely designed, pre-planned, and slyly implemented in so many ways!
It starts as early as the birth of every individual in a hospital, and continuing to the school nurse! Then drug advertisements, and published so-called medical articles, all which continue to contribute to the cause!
These advertisements create specific, limited, yet focused, attention,” to keep the already drugged zombies paying while Big Pharma keeps “preying!”
All of their greed plays and preys upon “people’s unwillingness,” or sloth to “not” put forth even the slightest of efforts, “for their own betterment let alone better thinking!
“Limited thinking along with modern medicines serious scare tactics and lies,” are what is currently “controlling most everyone’s mind set!”
NOW, yet again, that “limited thinking” does another terrible disservice!
This disservice is of “intensive programming” from use of Doctors controlled advice provides more limiting of people’s thinking! This has all been campaigned in terms of Big Pharma’s most loved lie, which is, “we know best and you must take your medicine” for your health!
Big Pharma, along with it’s illegitimate child, “modern medicine” has most everyone totally believing the huge lies, such as, “familial diseases and genetics” have handed us down these finalities that are in reality “utter deceptions,” like it’s “terminal, and untreatable!” Most all of this is “totally disprovable with research and a little effort.” IF, IF one is willing to spend some time and effort to search!!!
• Modern Medicine of course being controlled by Big Pharma will ceaselessly continue “its bilking, extortion, and heinous pharmaceutical sodomizing rape” of every being possible!
• WHY, all for their own profits, until people wake up, question, and research the factual truths, then rid themselves and the planet of such ILK!”
It is through arrogance and sloth and extreme lack of effort in self-care that people accept the lies of the current standards! “This current medical system is a steady stream of lies, actual malpractice, and abuse!”
Common sense, history, and logic shows time and again, “all of supposed terminal and untreatable conditions” have had “exceptions” and those few who have “beaten the odds!”
These “anomalies” who beat the odds had to have some “common factors!” And there are those individuals who will study these anomalies to find the “common factors” which once discovered, and recognized, will become “new science, new cures, even new preventive treatments!”
Most people never, ever stop to think or realize “that man, through his intake, can take control of his health which is self-maintenance and physical performance!
This is “common” in many fields of interest! So let this be a “consideration” to allow for “hope,” especially when it is a person’s life at stake!
It is “pathetically wrong” to make claim to help “when profit is the motive.” It is even more grievous, actually heinous, to extend or prolong healing in any way, shape, or form!
Let us all realize and consider the all too common insight quoted below!
All truth passes through three stages,
First, it is ridiculed,
Second, it is violently opposed,
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
Arthur Schopenhauer
©copyright Bert Seelman 2019
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