The Three Part Man,… morals, motives, and me….

THE THREE PART MAN – MORALS,… MOTIVES, ME……              ALL  THINGS  ARE   “JUDGED”  OR  “EVALUATED,”…..         ALL THINGS  ARE  DETERMINED  BY  THESE  IN  SIMPLICITY…..                                              MOTIVE and  or                                             INTENT                      Everything, […]

WEIGHT LOSS – is it about FAT or MONEY…

WEIGHT LOSS – Is it about FAT or MONEY… Weight loss, “the biggest money game in health and fitness,” and it is not about health either! Weight loss is usually about that overwhelming desire to […]


EXTORTION BY MERCENARIES,.. both BY MEDICINE and or the DOCTORS A little ditty about cancer and the mistreatment of patients! ©copyright Bert Seelman 2018 MERCENARIES, = a person primarily concerned with material reward at the […]

PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS – Fraud for extortion, fact

 FRAUD for EXTORTION…. Copyright Bert Seelman 2016 The Medical field is heinous, beyond cruel, beyond evil, and knowingly so! Man is a chemical (nutrients), electrical (spirit) being. Man is a new being having all cells […]

Health……Not NOW…..

HEALTH…….Not NOW!……LATER MAYBE….????   Ever stop to think about how you can prevent almost every health problem that people get later in life? It is a FACT, remember we are replaced down to every cell […]

Cancer Research Donations or Idiots Unlimited

Cancer Research Donations  Or Idiots Unlimited Let’s all wake the hell up, get attentive, clear your foggy polluted over so called “educated” thought process’s!!! Listen up here, and think, okay, okay, at least TRY. These […]


Mercenary or Medicine?                                                                                ©COPYRIGHT 2011 BERT SEELMAN What is about to be presented is or should be obvious to most. However many prefer to “go along with” or turn a blind eye to! The […]