Understanding of Disease, Sickness, and Obesity

Understanding of  Disease, Sickness, and Obesity Dis/ ease  =     unrest at the cellular level  (not at ease)  usually from lack of required nutrients or materials, imbalance Sickness  =   the advanced state of disease or dis/ease […]

Exercise Made Effective

EXERCISE MADE EFFECTIVE   Common sense + logic “vs.” perception Your exercise or workouts are only effectual if  it is physiologically correct  1) The whole body is worked in one session. The body is a […]


Support + Service Information, Direction, Instruction, Answers, Motivation, A Live Person, when needed, all of these and more, in various available methods! Support – it’s why the program started! Support is what the program was […]

Keys – Factors to Recovery

The Keys or Factors to Recovery, Restoration, and Measurable Results (positive) Factors, methods or applications, and experience or working knowledge! The keys to gaining increased physical performance and health are simple, yet they are totally over looked, and […]

Certifications, and Logic, ….WHO’S STUPID ?

Certifications, and Logic, ….WHO’S STUPID ? Logic, about exercise, trainers, coaches, gym’s or health clubs and clients, and who’s stupid? Ever ask why: “why someone picked” a certain trainer, or “why they picked” a certain...

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