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Be patient, and actually consider the following, and when given true consideration you will then be able to realize that fitness and health has become literal insanity, ego, and or emotional!

It is about your money, not your health, nor your actual measured results! They will talk a great result; they will stroke your emotions and ego! However, you will not get the real expectations that you will be led to believe. DARE TO COMPARE, DARE TO TEST INDEPENDENTLY, without the trainers and coaches knowing!

  1. Doing multiple sets, if this was truly needed why not do set after set after set, actually doing as many as you possibly can, surely you will get “more results” – NOT! EGO, maybe, insecurity perhaps! Note: An exercise done to cause or receive a result, requires the exercise to be performed to a point “exceeding the momentary existing state of ability!” The exercise must reach the point of “stimulus for response,” once this is reached additional exercise is of no benefit, and is only counter productive!
  1. Doing split routines (upper body one day, lower body the next) is the best way to get better, more productive workouts! Sure, you have one recovery system (set of organs) for the upper body and one recovery system for the lower body (another set of organs). SURE, two sets of recovery organs, NOT, the body when pushed needs time and materials (nutrients to be accumulated, then time for processing) to make adequate responses happen! There is some kind of imagining the body doing way more than is reality here! Also here again is the “more is better even” for the stress and strain of more exercise, in less time and “making believe” that this is some how better! Ego, again or more insecurity perhaps! The body requires minimum of 48 hours in between stress’s to adequately respond if responses are optimized! Remember, recovery is more important than exercise!
  1. Testing physiological factors to know and prove actual correct responses are taking place! This is almost NEVER REGULARLY DONE! Like accurate body composition tests say every 2 – 3 weeks to prove lean is actually being gained and ONLY FAT LOST! WHY NOT, why because these so called professionals ARE NOT TRUE PROFESSIONALS! Yes they may have a certificate of completion, of some CERTIFICATION PROGRAM, how ever “they do not test because they KNOW THEY DO NOT KNOW, how to predict or repeat or sustain actual measured POSITIVE results!” Do the trainers or coaches actually use all three heart rates, like RESTING, DESCENDING, OR WORKING heart rates to prove each phase of training is effective in the POSITIVE, NO!
  1. Question, measure for yourself, independently test, why not, it’s your money, your body, and your health that is at stake! IF YOU WILL NOT TEST, then you just want to justify that you are doing something, rather than nothing! Remember you are spending the time; why not get something for it? IF a trainer or coach cannot predict, measure and repeat, they are guessing, and not in the experienced levels of knowing for certain! Factual components are missing!


FOR OVER 43+ YEARS, we have predicted, repeated, sustained, more actual measured, tested, proven results, than any program, any where!

You can do it once, do it right, and learn it for life!

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