Health, Who’s Stupid….

Health, Who’s Stupid ?   Imagine, a person starts to feel ill, so it continues, they start to feel even worse, so they go to the Doctor! This is the usual accepted mode of progression […]

Sickness, Overweight, Obese…. Self Will Run Riot…

Continued Sickness, Overweight, Obese, All Self-caused…. Accountability is the issue! Why is it, most everyone seems to want others to somehow “understand,” you know, understand how ”they are not responsible” because they are sick or […]


EXTORTION BY MERCENARIES,.. both BY MEDICINE and or the DOCTORS A little ditty about cancer and the mistreatment of patients! ©copyright Bert Seelman 2018 MERCENARIES, = a person primarily concerned with material reward at the […]

INCURABLE and Untreatable, the Myth and Lie sadly believed….

Incurable and Untreatable, the myth and lie sadly believed…….                                                                   ©copyright Bert Seelman 2012 Untreatable and incurable, can you imagine being someone told this? Worse yet, who but a total idiot would believe such a […]


FLU, COLDS, INFECTIONS……ANTIBIOTICS, the Dirty, Huge Misconceptions, and what you should know…..   The lies we have all believed for their profit and our true loss……..   Bert Seelman    Results Are Proof     520 […]


FACTS and LOGIC,….or…. EMOTIONAL DECISIONS…?   Hoped for “results,” with “possibilities,” and using, I like this, and I like that!   Actual “engineering” or measured out comes “require” facts!   An expectation becomes a “premeditated […]

The TERRIBLE TRUTH of the SICK and Being Sick…

The TERRIBLE TRUTH of the SICK and Being Sick… Sickness is a later stage of “disease,”   “dis-ease” is or equals “unrest” at the cell level! You are a brand new person physically, down to every […]

Sequence a Priority,… Removing for Increasing

Many often wonder why they got ill!   Many have as it seems, all the answers as to why they become sick or ill.   Until most stop, think, and evaluate what really causes illness, […]