A little ditty about cancer and the mistreatment of patients! ©copyright Bert Seelman 2018

MERCENARIES, = a person primarily concerned with material reward at the expense of others! Yes, that is the correct word and name for those who do the following!

I am about to give you a scenario that everyone can or could end up in!
I am about done with MODERN MEDICINE, and its NON-CARING, “STANDARDS OF CARE!” This PERSON I KNOW HAS LYMPHOMA……. both types!

He has been “TREATED” for 2+ years at a notable hospital in Phoenix, the hospital has a name like a condiment! It would have been better (much better) for my friend to USE A CONDIMENT, because they are serving him up as a FINANCIAL DISH FOR THEIR FINANCES!

It has always made me wonder how medicine costs 3-5x more here than in other countries, and it takes so many visits over so many weeks to get the so-called help patients need!

Now understand my friend has been fighting this cancer for some time now, about 3 years!

This hospital has told him that they have an absolute cure for one type of his cancers, called “immuno” therapy!

They have him running scared, after telling him that the cancer has “all of a sudden” turned to stage 4! They told him they would like him to take the special “immuno” therapy, BUT UNFORTUNATELY, he must first go through 2 complete treatments of REGULAR CHEMO, or at least ONE CHEMO and one REGULAR RADIATION TREATMENT, BEFORE HE “QUALIFIES!”

Why and where have we gone that one must QUALIFY for life saving treatment?

You see he is on MEDICADE! So, he does NOT QUALIFY!….
I’m sorry but THAT IS SIMPLY…. EXTORTION no matter what anyone says as you can go to WEBSTERS dictionary and see for yourself!

EXTORTION according to Webster’s = the practice of obtaining something, especially money through force or threat.

Modern Medicine has a long history of using FEAR, INTIMIDATION, and the practice of having rules that always COST MORE TO THE PATIENT!

Imagine you have cancer and you need treatment, the majority of cancers are so outrageous in costs, that the patient ONLY HAS HIS LIFE SAVED TO BE ABLE TO CONTINUE…. TO PAY THE BILLS FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE!

That is NOT SAVING A LIFE, it is putting a life in “financial bondage” for the duration of their life!

PREVENTION is possible, do-able, and cancer can be handled naturally, however what most do not know, is that there is a SPIRITUAL COMPONENT, that MUST BE MET!


I can only say there is way too much inhumane treatment given out, way too much evil!
How can anyone say, that “a doctor cares” when they never ever take enough in depth history, and never study how to build the body up to resist breaking down through nutrition, etc.? To say such a statement, is FAR beyond stupid, ignorant, and that is self-evident FACT!

We all need to take care of your health, use prevention, especially with the “spirit” man or being, as that is where all disease starts! Look at the word disease, it is DIS/ease or “unrest,” or imbalance, at the cellular level!

As Hippocrates said, it is more important to know what sort of man has the disease, than to know what sort of disease the man has! This simple statement shows how, what and why the disease started!

Biblically this statement shows that IF, IF, yes IF a person believes in GOD, that GOD gave man all the answers, healing, and ways to be healthy no matter what, plus it shows that man is not the answer!

HOSEA 4: 6, My people destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of GOD, I will forget thy children.

All misfortune, sickness, illness is self-brought, self-earned if you will!

So, we have guidelines to avoid problems called prevention, however that takes an effort which

is entirely, way, way, too much for most individuals, as most are lazy!

©copyright Bert Seelman 2018


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