True Healing, Without Exception

true health through balanceTrue Healing without exception and without fail

copyright Bert Seelman 2016

Healing, true in depth

It’s about people…..
Their Good, Their True Healing
Why more are not healed, why more Physicians can not heal – wrong approach in addressing the physical man first or the physical ONLY

People are spirit, not a physical being or body alone-
Until spirit is addressed NO real HEALing can be even attempted- yes ATTEMPTED…..


The Spirit

Man is first and foremost a spirit!

Legally speaking –
the spirit is the animating force of life or lives
When all “electrical impulse” is ceased we are DEAD !
muscle contractions / heart beats / brain waves- etc.
This is Factual and Legal –
The Spirit is the “electrical charge” –
When the heart stops and brain cease the “spirit” is gone!
Simply – the electrical Flow or charge must be full or not impeded!
Bad or no flow= bad charge – DEAD battery = Dead body

Until –
After determining the problematic cause for Dis-ease
The cause Must be removed –
Problematic causes start in Spirit- thoughts, emotions, actions
Thoughts emotions actions = electric impulses = POS or NEG

NO Total healing or restoration is possible – because spirit is actually electric flow….
Mind thoughts = electric
No good in spirit = bad flow
No good flow = no good for function
Dis-Ease still at the cell or Flow level
Healing requires Positive or full flow. Or Simply…
HYPER-Prevention- hyper-prevention IS the Real and ONLY, HEALING or Total Cure

Too many people are not going to put out effort to know about their own maintenance, whether it is just physical, let alone spiritual! Life goes by rapidly, and much of the suffering could have been avoided! The quality of our lives is determined in the Spirit man! Most are not aware that “intent” is a huge factor in what we think, act, and do!


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