GOING to the GYM …. But Going No Where…or “Being Typical…!”


YES, you know them, and all too well!

You, are you one of them? If so, can you admit it?

You know them, those individuals who are always talking about going to the “health club or gym,” you know, the club that really has got nothing to do with health!

You know, those money pits that possibly you and most attend! The place where it gives you nothing of real facts, let alone no real factual proven or proper instruction, but it wants and takes your money every month!

You know, the place people spend their hard-earned money for a “rental” of some space, exercise equipment, and a shower!

Or are you like those who are going to an exercise program, that’s definitely not showing any real results!

Or possibly you are going to that so-call trainer, that is exactly that, ”a trainer” who’s got “you trained,” to bring them a check/money while you haven’t changed at all in months!

Many of these “so-called” and “self-proclaimed trainers” will actually compete in physique contests doing some good, yet their clients never seem to change or show any visible improvements! So this proves the point that it’s important FOR RESULTS TO HAPPEN WITH THEM, and not their clients!

People should beware, of not just what these so-called trainers say they are, and “what they say they can do!” Most importantly, any prospective clients should actually research, what does the trainer actually deliver, and is it delivered on a consistent basis with all type of clients!

Without adequate and proper investigation, many individuals are DUPED! So, simply put,  “what’s your time, money and efforts worth?” NOT TO MENTION YOUR HEALTH! 

Did you ever really look around at the willingly misguided, and ignorant, doing their so-called exercises? Did you see, or notice all the ridiculous throwing, dropping and half range of movements being done? Kinetic, ballistic movements that do “nothing for really building strength,” but do cause a tremendous amount of injuries? That type of exercise does somewhat demonstrate strength, yet it does not “build strength!”

But hey, you and those are “working out!”

Did you ever stop to notice, how they do all the “extra or multiple sets?”

Why?… INSECURE to the max, are you and AREN’T THEY?

YES, the fact is a muscle can be “stimulated to change” with one set, yes ONE SET, DONE OR PUSHED TO A POINT OF STIMULUS FOR RESPONSE! (of course that point isn’t comfortable)

But hey, they are insecure, unlearned, and “so EGO driven” in place of FACT DRIVEN, so you are way better off, not even trying to say anything to “help them!”

IF, you do try to help them, their severe insecurity, due to lack of knowledge, will get a response that they obviously see you as saying, “they are wrong,” rather than seeing, you are sincere in really trying to help!

Of course, let’s not forget because many are insecure, and EGO driven, they will go so far as to try to “train their upper body one day, and their lower body the next day!” Now this is how ridiculous it can get, when EGO drives INSECURITY, that these lost logic lacking, individuals haven’t even researched or considered ANY FACTS!

Why? Well obviously if they TRAIN or EXERCISE their “upper body one day, and their lower body the next day,” shouldn’t they also just “FEED their upper body one day, and FEED their lower body the next day?”

BUT WAIT, shouldn’t they also just SLEEP or RECOVER their upper body one day and just SLEEP or RECOVER their lower body the next day?” (by the way, JUST HOW DO THEY DO THAT…) It just gets more and more ridiculous, especially when you study some basic physiology and proper applications!

Remember all basic logic and simple observation is “out the window” due to insecurity and ego!

I don’t get, how these types of DELUDED, demented, non-logical, and obviously UNTEACHABLES, can make it through day to day life without major help? They never bother to actually do any INDEPENDENT research or fact gathering, and yet continue without ANYTHING to show in actual, measurable results for all their time, and efforts, let alone nothing bettered about their health!

Our body requires three distinct process’s for response! Number one, is accumulation of materials for response(nutrition)! Number two, is time for processing materials for response! Number three is time for applying the repair or recovery!

Exercise is a “STRESS,” a triggering, a pushing beyond the momentary ability to “cause a hopeful, positive response (added strength or muscle)!” YET these insecure, unlearned, uneducated want, YES WANT, to believe their going to “dictate” to the body what they want it to do!”

It’s sad, and yet funny that they persist day after day, month after month with little to absolutely NOTHING TO SHOW! But HEY, they are there! REALLY…I MEAN, “REALLY?”

Watch when someone tries to offer fact-based help, their response is, NO, “I KNOW!”

So this drives me to ask them, “SO, if you know, why are you making NO PROGRES, and You LOOK THE SAME, so why do you come here? THE POINT HERE IS, ARE THEY DELUDED, STUPID, INSECURE, or ARROGANT or “ALL OF THESE?”  I know most of you get this!

There are great informational sources out there, for everyone to work with!

Too many people make a spontaneous or fast emotional decision about weight loss, or getting fit, or changing their physical performance levels. There are actual scientific factors, that must be applied in specific sequences, to gain specific responses! If training or exercising someone was so easy we would see so much more repeated, consistent, measurable results with many more individuals, BUT WE DON’T!

I have been in the physical human performance field for over 45 years, and I even wrote the book on FITNESS FRAUD! Get it, it will make you aware of what’s needed! The Great Fitness Fraud by Bert Seelman, on AMAZON.COM. After all, exercise is a stress, and needs to be exactly worked with, as does nutrition, and rest or sleep! If fitness and health was that easy, we would see way more individuals changing their appearance, performance level, and their health! Stop, think, reason, use logic and get the facts, after all its your life forces you will be dealing with! ©copyright Bert Seelman 2018.          


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