Summertime blues….. or “Summertime bulges…?”

It is “summer is over”…. and what happened to me, my weight ….

Has it been another warm season feasting tournament, I mean after all it’s summer!!

You have WON the tournament!  You are now literally, LARGER THAN LIFE! Now you need help, and an answer, …fast!

At least you are larger than you should be, want to be, or anyone wants to see you be.

You have been here before, and here you are again, and it is not “whooppeee!”

So HOW can I get back in shape, fast, yet safe, without hunger or cravings????

How can I lose these bulges?

So you want to lose it again, this time lose it right, so you can lose it for life!

Weight loss, or actually fat loss, while still gaining lean muscle is a real possibility! There is a simple answer however it will take some effort and learning!

Understand that “you can literally,” eat more food, yet lose more fat, (without hunger or cravings)…while learning!

Fitness programs that gain maximum, tested, photographable, proven results, in less than you lunch hour 3 days per week! Or only 1% of your weekly time!

This plan WHEN DONE IN PERSON, is even DIABETIC SAFE, reduces med’s, improves blood chemistry, and is physician endorsed! All while losing only fat fast!

This program for non-diabetics can be learned in a book also! However results are subject to your ability to follow details!

With over 40 years of proof, and with clients who have lost OVER 220 LBS. IN 15 MONTHS! (now that is losing bulges fast)

The best part is, “most clients never regain excessive weight again,” because it is a true lifestyle program!

GET THE ANSWERS, for weight loss (up to a size every 2+ weeks) PLUS… fitness programs!


CALL – BERT for a PERSONAL “in person program, if in TUCSON” or an over the phone consult for needed questions….., no matter where you are, this works for fast long term results, even being done over the phone!  

We can counsel you by phone daily, even several times per day to support your results!

Yes, get the results that bring more motivation and directly from the person who designed these programs!

WHY NOT, do it, learn it once, and learn it for life!                       43 years proven!

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