FITNESS – nope -wrong- “MOSTLY  FRAUDS”


Enough already, how stupid can people make themselves look?

I’ve been in the health and human physical performance field for over 45 years, and it is far more BACKWARD than progressive!


IF in doubt about what I am saying here, remember I wrote the book on Fitness Fraud,…… read it The Great Fitness Fraud. on amazon. Some will actually learn more, far more than their Trainer or Coach even know! In fact some could read the book and go back and really “school” their old so called trainer or coach!


People go out and join every new craze, getting no more or better results, yet they swear they are! Liars to themselves, liars to others, it’s beyond PATHETIC!


NOTE: Using a name or gaining a certification DOES NOT MAKE IT SO.


Programs that use ballistic movements or kinetic energy causing more injuries than good, and kinetic energy causing more stress than good, FACT! Look around at programs that use kettle bells being swung, barbells being rapidly moved, jumping up and down of box’s and the like, it’s all kinetic! IT’S A LAUGH, let them TRY TO DO THAT SLOW, WITH RESISTANCE using only strength. …..IT WON’T HAPPEN!


THOSE DOING SUCH AND WORSE those teaching such do not know the difference between DEMONSTRATING STRENGTH, and BUILDING IT!


These same FRAUDS that brag and teach such lies never ever will take a real challenge, but only TALK, TALK, AND TALK, BECAUSE THEY WANT THE “MONEY,” NOT THE CLIENTS BENEFIT!


Then there are the realities of testing, multiple testing, not a measurement here and a weigh in there, but again NO WAY are these frauds going to jeopardize their income!

watch and listen —




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