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I have been in the field of health, wellness, exercise, and nutrition for well over 43 years! During that time I must say the truth of the matter is, that man’s EGO knows no bounds and man’s lust for money definitely knows no limits, and to lie just to be thought right or get attention is allowable, and these are my serious observations in a very mild form! Also, I must say that fitness is DEFINITELY MUCH WORSE NOW, than 30 – 40, even 50 years ago!

I got into these fields because I had some serious health conditions, and I desired to have answers, that no one seemed to have! As I got farther into my years of questioning and research, I heard a new name come to the surface; it was “fitness!” Yes, it was being called “physical fitness” and I was absolutely shocked. Why was I shocked, it is simple, as I had researched what worked, and what did not work, and what worked was not as “popular” as what only sounded good! You see, TRUTH is not a priority for most, meaning if money can be had or made over a person’s well-being, YOU ARE TOAST!

Yes, it was very, very, important for whatever was being sold, that “the famous criteria for selling” of anything had to apply! This criteria, is needed to cause an “emotional buy in,” meaning it did not have to be “all” true, or it did not have to be fact, it just had to “sound good” and be what was immediately “perceived as the fix” or what appeared to be needed! So, it had to be CHEAP, FAST, and EASY! Then, whatever it was, would become “super star” idea etc., no matter what! Hey, if it sold, great!

Health had little to do with this “fitness,” it was about, does it sound right, does it look right, does it “get people excited?” If it could sell, and sell big, then that was all that mattered!

Health Clubs were not and are not really about health, they were about getting people in and selling a membership that hopefully the person would pay for, but never use! They should have been called “wealth clubs” for the owners! This membership money was the free money, for little or no responsibility to deliver any form of service! Then the gym, or so-called health club, could roll in the money with little to no outlay of any effort, while making scads of money on the poor customers for nothing being put in their court! It was and has been take, take, take!

Eventually, everyone starts to see it, they do not want to say so, so they still turn a blind eye to it as if hoping they will find some way, to get the results they have so desired!

Next, down the road of fitness came the “personal trainer,” who was supposed to get the client some results! I call them the “personal strainers, pocket drainers, no brainers, and entertainers!”  The programs these mostly misinformed, misguided, duped individuals pay for does not give any one of them, any worth-while teaching in how to guarantee their client any results! These certification companies are worse than robbers, cheats, and frauds, but hey the trainers don’t even know, until later on, much later on!

Gyms or so-called health clubs could care less if the client gets any result, the goal is to sell memberships, period, ANOTHER LIE! Who cares about the client? When it comes to programs that the trainers can use, there is no real physiological, fact based, plans what so ever! The instructors are not even in truly good shape, like ZUMBA should be called “BAH- ZOOMBA” when you look at the width of most instructor’s hips (butts)! Spinning is another one of the way over rated, supposed results producing classes, along with Cross Fit, and “I would be all too willing to prove it,” these are doing more wrong than good! Anyone wanting to put money on it, I’ll take all the bets?

Diets, and most diet plans are even worse, they most all are way damaging to overall health, like the HCG DIET, or the low fat diet, and all the meal companies that sell worthless foods and teach nothing of value to help the client long term! Then there are the Doctors who perform worthless modifications of lap band and gastric bypass to the body that leaves the person way worse than when they met, and worse off for life, MORE LIES! Get the money, the rest does not matter is their model, after all they are a “Doctor,” Yuk, Yuk, Yuk!  POINT: If a Doctor is supposed to know the body, and cure it, why can’t they help a person PREVENT the weight gain, and teach how to take it off without money making SURGICAL procedures? What are they really about?

So-called “personal trainers” are more deluded than the courses they take, and actually have the gall to sell their services “without actual proof by testing of any worth, as great trainers!” Again, it is MORE LIES, just get the money! But the bad part is, if you listen closely, is that everyone says, “oh I like this person or that trainer,” if a trainer was truly making you change and getting you out of your comfort zone, in reality they would not be “so liked!” Com’on here, really?

People should be much more careful to get the facts and learn proper questions to ask, and know the tests that should be done to actually verify results! This is about your long-term health people, what is your health worth to you, or “can you be so deluded that you have yourself believing that “YOU KNOW” what the facts are,” yea, sure, right! Remember most all decisions to hire a trainer and buy a gym membership are done on an EMOTIONAL BASIS! These decisions are done by feelings not facts, and research!

Get much of our info for free on our website, and youtubes, use caution, be smart, it is your health, money, time, and efforts, protect yourself!

NOTE: All the above is even worse with youth and student sports programs. Call or see us for what should be considered for real qualifications, for coaching and coaching staff, to protect your children long term! We will guide you to “those in the know!”



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