Health Club Lies……


WHY LIES……because it is about their money (the clubs), and….. not your desired results!

Because they know, no truths!

Lots of us have been there and some still are members of a so called “health club.”

In total reality there is nothing “healthy” about “most all” of them, especially psychologically or physiologically!  – see our tests

They are wealth clubs or stealth clubs, in that it is about how your money goes into their ownership pockets, with you receiving as little as possible!   It is after all a business, and “about their profits!”

You go into a health club and the heat is on you, join us, join us now, join us for life, do “Auto-pay,” where’s your wife, where’s your brother, where’s your friends and that’s an easy or soft sell version of what really happens!

Oh we will do this and we will do that, you will learn this and you will learn that……yea for an additional plus much bigger price, and being sold on a personal fitness trainer who most likely isn’t qualified!

Most people going into a so called health club, buy a membership because of an “emotional decision,” not because of logic!

Stop, before going to a health club, ask yourself a multitude of questions, and then learn what to ask the club, but most of all get tested proof from as many people as you can, that they can, and do deliver what they say.

Health is your intent and the desired need or goal, correct? So take the time to do some homework, so that your efforts, time, and money are well spent!

Fat loss or weight loss,nutrition or diet, lean or muscle gain, conditioning, cardio training,sports performance, whatever you are  after, do the homework first and foremost! Be sure that you talk to or find several people who don’t know each other yet were members, and that they are saying the same thing! Did these people or were these people getting actual tested, proven, results, plus having good experiences?

Ask … beware of the lies
Do you give body composition tests to prove only fat loss and actual lean muscle gains ?
Does the health club (gym) guarantee some basic help at no extra cost…?
Does the health club (gym) have instruction during the hours you are there?
Do they have printed or video info to learn from and  more?
Does the health club (gym) have an out clause if dissatisfied?
etc, etc, etc,

Be careful, get the facts, it is your time,money, efforts but most of all, it is your health!

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