Finding the RIGHT COACH for Your Kids……

Finding The Right Coach for Your Kids…..


The “right coach” will “see” the following are definite preferred considerations to be applied, rather than “ego” driven myths, and archaic methods!



Critical considerations for long term success and benefits


SKILL is always preferred to SPEED OR STRENGTH.

Greater skill requires less attempts from failed performances.


ECCENTRIC exercise is best for creating speed, and strength.

Eccentric is the releasing, or lengthening of the muscle, and should be done in a controlled manner.


STRENGTH is the determinate of endurance, when compared on an individual basis.

So strength = endurance on an individual basis.


MUSCLE strength is “safest measured” by amount of multiple repetitions, rather than single reps of maximum.


EXERCISE is a stressor, stimulus, a triggering of muscles to push them beyond the “momentary” capability for increased capacity.


EXERCISE in and of itself “does not make the muscle tissue” increase,

the “recovery system” does.  Nutrition is the material, rest is the process time.


MENTAL toughness is less required when skill is used.

Constant challenge mentally under duress, can lead to less desire to train.


DRIVE & EFFORT, should be greatest to keep the physical support requirements met

for faster repair, recovery, and restoration to make the most of responses.


EXERCISE should be performed “to build strength” without using kinetic movements.  Kinetic movements are a demonstration of strength, they do not build strength!


HEALTH should be the first and greatest consideration in all areas. It will ensure fast response for all needs in performance, and add lengthened life in sport, performance, and restoration.


NOTE: When youth or those with limited capacities or special needs are considered, it’s not just about normal responses.  The fact is,  youth are in their “FORMATIVE YEARS!”  Formative meaning intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  So, “attitude” toward “all” future exercise and health is made or destroyed here!

Beware of your instructor’s comprehensiveness!      ©copyright Bert Seelman 2019


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