MUSCLE….. There Is Never Too Much


Strength, from muscle, there “seems” to never be enough, of muscle or strength!


Because muscle translates to strength, and strength translates to endurance, on an “individual basis!” (comparison should only be individually compared)

STRENGTH and endurance are definitely what athletes, boys, men, jocks, many females, and more, want! Having muscle has benefit, from having a faster metabolism, to resisting injury, to having a better-looking physique! With muscle, the positives do not stop!

I have spent most of my life investigating, researching, looking in to, developing, building, and learning about the gaining muscle! How to make it faster, better, more efficiently! Human physical performance would be nowhere, without muscle!

Every function somehow, someway, is dependent on muscle!

Exercise determines the “level” of physical performance, which means muscle is involved! Health involves so much more!

Most people believe, “that exercise makes muscle,” yet that is wrong, so very wrong!

Muscle being made or built, is “the end result,” first, of all a stimulus, or a triggering for an increase in performance must be done. This stimulus is an “attempt of, or an exceeding of,” the momentary ability for a muscle to contract!  This exceeding of “momentary or existing state of ability” under a greater load, a type of “stressor” is what brings about the triggering, for the increases!

Muscle increase is “only triggered by” the exceeding or trying or attempting to exceed the momentary existing state of ability! The “added muscle tissue” is the end result of nutrients (materials) being taken in, in adequate amounts, then being processed, and readied for “response”  when needed!”

The added tissue is “what actually makes up the muscle!”

So, the end results might look like this, nutrition = food/materials + time or rest to “process,”  plus stimulus = exercise for a response = more strength or muscle!

The gaining of strength or added muscle is a complex science which can be exactly engineered, however it is much, much more, than most would believe!

Sad to say, gaining muscle has been handed over to “EGO,” and “perceptions,” rather than “exacting science and skill!”

Through the years of my research in the gaining of muscle, muscle has become an “item,” that my fact gathering has been able to, actually guarantee the outcome of!

Should an individual need “increased physical performance,” especially from strength, speed or endurance from my services, that is an absolute deliverable! Having the facts, allows for many advantages!

NOTE: The greatest limiting factor, is the individual’s efforts, and consistency!

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