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Fat, flabby, soft, unfit, sickly, lazy, tired, depressed…it’s all your decisions, actions or lack of actions, and your diet.


Fact, the vast majority of people have never ever known or even come close to what it is like, to feel “truly healthy!”


No, they have not, not even close, and why? Because the vast majority of programs, for health and fitness never incorporate enough factors, with proper applications to get the real and or full results available!


Everyone uses the lie, yes “LIE,” “the, oh, I eat healthy!” WRONG! Most immediately want acceptance so they answer to what they believe will give them acceptance of who’s there at that moment! No, most do not even start to have a clue, let alone a grasp on what eating healthy is, especially Doctors, Nurses, and even nutritionist!


Think about it, IF…IF…nutritionist were actually knowledgeable, people in hospitals would be getting well and walking out healed! But it is a known fact, that even diabetics have to stay on their medications even under the care of nutritionist in the hospitals! This says so much, and it isn’t good!


People go to Doctors seeking a cure, yet the Doctors cannot even tell people most of the time  “how they got their condition,” or “what exactly caused their state of unhealthy!” So, who’s stupid here? The individuals who need to seek the Doctors constantly, are the same individuals who lack preventive measures, self-care, and self-maintenance!


If an individual calls a person on not taking precautions or not eating healthy, that person saying that something, runs the risk of being ridiculed, hated, belittled, told they are being judgmental, and much worse!


No, today helping anyone, especially helping them with “their accountability” for their own health, can run the better than not risk of being hated, ostracized, and shunned! When in reality, true care, is to speak the total truth, in well intent, for the long-term good of the others!


Arrogance it “contempt” prior to investigation, and arrogance is running wild in today’s society! Especially in this time of the “internet,” when most think they know everything, about everything! Just try listening closely, to the responses people give when told or given any advice.


People pay professionals for guidance and then try telling the professionals “how they want the professional to help,” and how the work should be done! So, accountability is almost always met with denial, contempt, and a view of arrogance, in place of acceptance!


The number one obvious fact is, “that if, what the person thought worked, they wouldn’t be in the shape or position they are in!”


So if an individual truly desires “change, results, or a different outcome,” they need to hire a professional who has plenty of proof! Then trust, and comply with that professional, or at least shut up, and allow the professional to speak, direct, and then do what the professional directs them to do!


Remember, if a person is having an undesired effect in a specific area, it is usually because of what is being done, is not what needs to be done! So, hire a professional, then allow them to do their job, helping them with your compliance!


Accountability is imperative to stay within the guidelines for the proper outcomes, help by listening, and doing what is being asked! Put the EGO aside, get humble, have trust, and realize what you thought you knew, “didn’t work!”

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