CANCER – yes CANCER, IT’s treatments are beyond Insanity……..beyond Stupidity…..   Think and read all of this, Doctors Ego’s of their HELPING IS SO STUPID and WHERE, does a Doctor EVER, YES EVER do anything […]

THE PITTY POTTY, and Constantly Sick…..

PEOPLE…LIKE – THE PITTY POTTY and being sick, chronically ill…..   OR money, money, money, money,…. OUT!   The majority of people who are CONSTANTLY sick because, they are so lazy, so selfish, SELF-INDULGED, so […]

Cancer Research Donations or Idiots Unlimited

Cancer Research Donations  Or Idiots Unlimited Let’s all wake the hell up, get attentive, clear your foggy polluted over so called “educated” thought process’s!!! Listen up here, and think, okay, okay, at least TRY. These […]

Addiction, the obvious at a glance

Addiction…….the obvious at a glance! People are a three part being, Spirit, body and mind. The spirit is given at the moment the sperm enters the egg (conception).  After the Spirit is given, then the […]

ADDICTION, A Different View and Approach….

ADDICTION, the Mishandling, Mismanagement, and A Better Approach…. Addiction –  definition of my own  —– the “my own dictionary” dictionary or “BERTISM” Addiction – is the “compulsive action” of reducing any bad feeling or stress,  […]

DEPRESSION…..simple fix to a supposed major problem…

DEPRESSION…..simple fix to a supposed major problem…   Depression is responsible for more medications than any other condition! Actually it isn’t depression that is “responsible” for the medications being sold, it’s the clueless non-logical non-thinking, […]

Cruelty, proof people actually like it….

Cruelty, proof people actually like it….   (an old article but a meaningful one, that’s becoming more common)   Cruelty, what is it, when is it, who’s getting it, who’s causing it, and who’s accepting […]