Recognizing the New Years Delusions or The Coming Soon “BullShit”….

Recognizing the New Years Delusions or Coming Soon “BullShit”….



New Years Resolutions…

Are Mostly Delusions…

And Not Any Reality of A “True Solution” For Anything…


Understand, “What you are saying”…


Many say, they have a New Years “Resolution,” like it’s a “Solution!”


As for a “resolution,” it means that there is a “firm decision,” for whatever you decide to do or attain! 


That means, “being firm” about a specific item or thing to be done! 

A “specific” to do with “something!”


For the very vast majority, that means “any specifics of the idea’s, of what you meant it to be!”  Got that???

You are “committed to do or be so.”


Lots of “luck with that myth,” or actually that delusion! Or it can turn out to be BULLSHIT!

Unless it is written down, it’s a “dream,” once written down, it becomes “a plan!”


 First a “Resolution” if a firm decision, and if written down, it should be built on facts! With some “definite accountability measures built in!” Otherwise it’s “Bullshit!” or at best, “it’s a delusion!”


Most and by “most,” I mean literally “most all,” will not actually research the facts necessary, to be really or truly successful! Which would make a “firm decision” a base for “actions” and attaining success!


If a “Resolution is not written down” it is a “delusion and a illusion!”

RESOLUTIONS are a “serious way” of “BULLSHITTING” one’s self!


My programs are worked all over the globe! After forty plus years, I can assuredly say 99+% of resolutions, are much, much, less than delusional “Bullshit,” and “Bullshit” would be a vast improvement!


So take your “delusion-of a Resolution,” and understand, it’s a “pollution, of an illusion,” at best!   GOT THAT???


Just know, you can go, have your “delusion,” without all the “confusion!”

Simply “shut the –  up” and “let’s see” your do-da, and stop the annoying bla-bla!


Tell it to anyone else, but don’t tell it or spread it to us!




Remember, when an idiot says, “I’m going to get in shape and get healthy,” and they go first to “the gym first,” that is the proof of them being a real, actual, idiot!”



Why is it Proof? Because a thinking, pragmatic person, “realizes that their diet or intake” causes the “ability” for the responses the body can make! 


So, preparation BEFORE, the “Stress” of exercise, is preventive medicine!

Exercise is from the word “exert” not recreate! Which recreate means or stands for having fun or enjoyment!  Where exercise stands for exertion!

The physical body can ONLY respond from what it already has “previously” taken in and had time to process!


So, take your “Resolution and lose it!” Put it where the sun doesn’t shine!

Or plan a solution, to your problem, with FACTS, not delusions and perceptions!



Most people’s “perceptions,” added to their “emotions,” becomes OR is their, reality!

However, it is not, reality, at all!

When someone says, “I think, I feel, or I believe” that is not actually or necessarily reality at all!

Peoples desires, are not a guarantee, of becoming a reality! What they desire, is a want!

Reality is “what is real, actual!”




REMEMBER, with me or my programs, a resolution expressed, “verbalized to me,” WILL BE MADE TO MATERIALIZE! …..So, if around me, you verbalize, “you will be made to REALIZE WHAT YOU SAID!” So from now on around me STOP THE BULLSHIT…..and the BLA,BLA….


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