SEQUENCE, Reducing, For Increasing

Many often wonder why they got ill!


Many have as it seems, all the answers as to why they become sick or ill.


Until most stop, think, and evaluate what really causes illness, many are of the statements, oh, I caught it, or it got me, or someone gave it to me, are usually more than common as the answers! However, this is WRONG!


Oh yes, illness is almost never admitted to as “self-caused,” or “owned” as being caused by lack of self-care, or lack of self-prevention! The reason is too much time required to learn, and because of little or no self-maintenance (preventive) attempted!


Illness or sickness, is a state of lowered physical performance!


Proper physical function and improving health requires a constant supply of nutritional materials, like “adequate” minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats, carbs, and more!


“Without” nutritional requirements being “adequately” met,optimum response in the form of repairs and functions cannot be maintained at ideal levels!” To improve or increase physical health and performance, the quality and utilization of nutrients must be increased!


One of the most important factors to building or maintaining health and performance is, “the removing of problematic causes” or negative or neutralizing factors! This is a priority and needs to be done first or at the least very early on!


To add or start utilizing “improved nutrition” in in the form of better quality of foods or supplements, without removing the bad or negatives, “little or nothing can or will be realized!”


Without the removing the problematic causes, most people actually see or realize very little! If any positive effects or benefits of performance are desired there is a proper order in use of natural remedies! Why, because the “bad” intake was still in place, “neutralizing” what positive was possible!


So, let’s start getting better results by first, removing some or even many of the “problematic causes,” or the items that neutralize any positive effects for received results!


Just this removal, in and of itself, will have major impact “positively,” while allowing for the realization of more positives!

Simply put, when seeking improvements in physical performance and health, “first remove problematic or neutralizing causes,” before adding additional new positives! By removing the problematic cause, a better or more acute and accurate realization of needs or requirements can be realized!                                                                      ©Copyright Bert Seelman 2018



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