OVERWEIGHT, and for way too long…

Overweight, and for way too long…


Having worked with overweight, fat and obese individuals for over 45 years, there are some “definite habits” and or excuses that are “common to most of these individuals, and most programs!”


Now understand, that this article “is not to slam, belittle, or degrade” anyone, as it is intended to “make aware” of some of these similar points for those who will receive and benefit from them. This is for their advancement in “ridding themselves of the problems!” The rest is in your face reality!


Note: the fact is, with fat there was no stalking, attacking, jumping on, of the fat, and it did not just materialize, it came about, for the factual reason of eating or consuming too many calories! Nothing else is possible!


Each pound of body fat equals the consumption of 3,500 calories too many! Thirty-five hundred calories translate to over, yes over 40 extra-large eggs, too many! Now when one goes to burn off these 3500 calories they must burn 3900 units of energy because there is a 400 calories extra requirement to get the weight off! So yes 3500 too many calories eaten, requires 3900 calories to be spent, to get that pound of fat off!


Now that we have established that fat does not just happen or materialize, that excuses are just that, EXCUSES, and that there must be accountability, let us look at just some of the most common excuses used!


Now realize that those who sincerely desire to truly “get the weight off, and keep it off,” must come to grips with just a few of the following “justifying fictitious reasons” why they have not lost faster or more!


Absurdities, excuses, justifications, but mostly and actually they are self-deluded LIES!


  • I did the best I could!

SORRY – Wrong, doing what is required is the only thing that works, not what you did or wanted to do!


  • I thought I made the best choice!

SORRY – Wrong, you have guidelines that are specific, your thinking got you overweight, so you’re thinking is way, way off, fact!


  • I ate way off schedule, because of my job being very busy!

WRONG – Your job will be there, there are alarms to use, and your priorities are way off, without your health, you won’t be around, your job is another excuse!


Weight Lossdoes not matter, is not a priority, and is not important” IF, “ANYTHING,” GETS IN THE WAY!


Somehow overweight, fat or obese individuals found the time, priority, and effort to eat or consume those 3500 extra calories, for each and every pound! And now, they want everyone to believe they cannot find the effort, time, or planning to get the weight off!


If success “IN LOSING” is not constant, and on-going, it is only for one reason, SELFISHNESS!


Excuses are not acceptable, justifiable, reasonable or just plain reality! Those who truly want the weight off, will get it off!


The individuals who truly want to lose, must allow for and secure a person, who will call them on every slight inconsistency, and without mercy, make them accountable!


There usually must needs be a financial, time, or some type of penalty if progress is not consistent! If there is no type of penalty, with accountability, usually progress will be minimal and only temporary!


Individuals who have allowed themselves to get out of control for prolonged periods of time, are the usually masters of selfishness, and manipulation, this is a fact!


Due to these problems and excuses, I have found that most “start out” desiring the loss, the discipline, the accountability, however most always there comes a point where financial costs must be used as a serious motivator! Being committed to people’s success is a real difficult, and problematic work! The price is often much, much, more than most realize, and we are not talking finances only here! How-ever the individuals who were serious, are always worth the cost!


So, if you know someone who truly, truly, wants the weight off at the rate of a size every 2 – 3 weeks, no hunger, no cravings, and to learn for life, send them IF, YES IF, they are serious! Otherwise, if a person is not serious, let them continue in their delusional state where they are happy and overfed!


Most program managements like the fee’s they receive and yet give little in results or learning!

We are committed to client’s long term success, not their excuses, or lies!

That is why we always deliver, what other programs can only promise!

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