REALITY – what are Health Programs really about,,,?

Reality, what are health programs really about….

Health is the bottom line, period; however fitness, sports, exercise, diet, training, is all a “front word.”

Why do I write, what I write, why do I put out the videos, blogs, etc? I write these articles, posts, and do the videos, because I was a sheep, that followed down the path of mis-believe, misguided direction, and emotional sales! Yes, I went down plenty of the pathways that are leading to “nowhere” in the benefits, results or understanding of what works or “what is healthy!” What is the real, true reality!

I became aware that “money” or power or position, was the main “motivator” of most all so called “fitness programs,” diets, special supplements, and other so called “amazing things” in this field. Most things in these fields unfortunately are not good, correct, or in any way right! However most individuals, “will not” take the time to truly get to the facts and the correct applications!

Early on, actually quite a few years ago, when I came to know about this, I saw that most people had to “learn the hard way!”   Beyond the “what” was being sold, beyond the “how” something could work for me, there was a much greater thing to be very seriously concerned! This concern is at the root of all “worthwhile information,” products and services. This concern is the literal bottom line of law, and everything that is right! This concern is what makes things of value; it makes things of true worth! This concern is the “why” someone sells something, “why” did they build something, “why” do I want people to have this product or service!

The most important point about the “why” is that it is about “intent!” Intent is either “selfish” meaning to get or gain, or it is about “selflessness” meaning to give benefit to another or for another’s benefit! So to simplify this, is the person selling you something that “they themselves believe” benefits you or is it about “their gain?” People are either about one or the other, period! Most of the concerns of people today are actually selfish!

Why you want or desire things comes from one of these two intents, selfishness or selflessness! So the depth of information is either complete or is constantly changing to become more complete or it is about what can be gotten as it is!

When I was young I needed health to be restored because of a major problem. So for me I needed help and I needed or wanted the real fix, complete, not just partial. I wanted the long term natural answer!

By watching people carefully I saw at an early age, that reality to some was an “emotional rationalization” or justification, and not true reality! These people were being “selfish to themselves!” People I observed let an instance of a “desire” be a justification to say something is real, when it “only sounds good” or is convenient. I also came to see that there is a “bigger picture” by a bigger “Being,” and I wanted to be sure that what I was learning was about “higher things and values.” I did not want my work to be lacking in delivery or completeness! I strove to learn and qualify testable results with predictability! I did not want to be selfish; I wanted to deliver real quantifiable, measurable, repeatable results!

Most of all I knew that dealing with a person’s health, was actually dealing with their “literal life forces!”  Wow, now that’s a responsibility to the maximum, a deeper reality!

Being made new down to every cell every sixteen months, means that there is incredible potential to help change a person’s future! So my intent was for me at first, that when someone said, “hey, will you or can you help me,” I saw that this could be of monumental proportions to, “make a difference” for others! So I knew from then, that this really truly was a gift of insight to get understanding to work with “changing people’s future,” and quickly so! Now it is an addiction, to see, and help the health people can gain for themselves!

Health, is dealing with your life forces, your spirit man, where the life is! So this physical body is your home or your vehicle to your whole self and life! So be careful not just to “be in a hurry,” take time to check things out, especially the “whys” before you move on a health program, don’t you deserve the best! Higher things say we do deserve “to be in health!”

This is the reason behind my book!                                ©copyright Bert Seelman 2013


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