Exercising, Training, and… Doing More Damage…!

Training, Exercising, and …..Doing more damage….?


Frustration is quite “common to exercise enthusiasts, “when results don’t happen or are slow to be seen or tested!


When exercising,  being committed and consistent, and results are not happening, frustration is guaranteed! There are several major factors that “MUST BE CONSIDERED,” before positive, consistent results can take place!


Imagine, if most of these exercise enthusiasts not seeing results actually knewthey were doing more damage than good?


Yes, most these of individuals are actually doing way more damage than good, when they are constantly going to the gym, pushing them-selves, and seeing little to no positive results! The term is “overtraining.” The underlying cause is actually under-consideration (lacking facts), and or under-preparation (lacking proper applications)!


Fact, when a person is steadily exercising (going to the gym), pushing them-selves, yet not seeing or measuring tested, proven, positive results, their body is not able to “adequately or positively respond” with increased muscle, strength, endurance, or increased performance!

NOTE: When “overtraining takes place, health is diminished!”


Why is the body not able to adequately respond?  It’s because the body has not received enough materials (nutrients), and  has not had enough time between exercise periods to “process the materials” for utilization! Additionally, the body may not have had enough time between workouts to actually do or allow repair the tissues!


So, response for added strength, endurance, or increased performance requires materials, processing, and repair time! 


Note, that when response is not positive or adequate, that if an individual “takes a day or two off” actually missing or skipping the stress of exercise, the body is usually stronger, responds better and faster! So, the most serious point here is this, when the body missed the stress of exercise by missing several days, the body was able to gather nutrients, process them, and then repair the tissues! This causes an almost immediate increase in physical performance, in most all areas!



1 – exercise is a stress to the body

2 – recovery for results, requires adequate materials, time for processing and time for repair

3 – exercise or training without positive results is a sign of the body being unable to respond

4 – to avoid harming health, the requirements for positive response with exercise should be “first considered” before exercise


Remember, exercise is a stressor, and recovery considerations from materials and process cause the positive results!

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