If you are one that believes in “GOD,” and GOD has alot to do with the “HOLIDAYS” consider this…….

Consider if GOD IS WATCHING, what are our actions, and it’s all written down….

“Is our physical life of any importance?” If our physical life is important what are we saying by our actions?

Fitness, Health, around the Holidays….NO, not really….


Well it’s that time of year when most “justify their weight gains or admit the gain,” with a lot of laughing, because even they know “just how ridiculous and stupid it all is (this gaining of unwanted weight)!”


Yes, holidays seem to be a licensing of fat gain, which also means casting their health to the side!


Most, do not even take minimal preventive measures for their health most of the time anyway!


FACT: Holiday seasons always see more people with health problems due to this feeding frenzy, and justification!


Our diet, during the holidays becomes a thing of extra, extra, and more of extra. This extra comes in portions, types of fats, sugars, and of course alcohol, let alone less activity except for movement toward the feeding tables!


There is every possibility to “move through the holidays” with total satiation, contentment, and enjoyment, IF…IF… some thought, reasoning, logic and planning were to be used!


There is a word that most know, fewer use, and most never ever even consider – “Moderation!” Used, this word moderation, could be a literal life saver!


Fact is, that in just one day and in many instances just “one meal,” more damage can be done, than all the benefits gained, from “one week” of proper dieting!


Now think of this, this justification starts at Halloween, then repeats in larger form at Thanksgiving (which is a true eating fest), then continues at Christmas, and repeats again on New Year’s! No wonder most weight gain is at these times or in this season!


Now after this gaining, few ever lose the whole amount of the weight gained! First most do not truly “know factually how to lose just fat or weight” accurately! Then there is the factor of health, especially for the long term!


Ever notice how almost everyone states, how they eat healthy, and “how they know!”

WRONG, WRONG, and WRONG, it’s mostly all lies, and for justification!


Where is their PROOF! If what these individuals say is so true, why are they always sick, have the flu, colds, and have a multitude of other health issues?


Arrogance is “contempt prior to investigation.” Most have not looked at any real depth into their own health and what actually causes or creates bad and good affects!


Most are caught in their own justifying LIES immediately, just by the vision of their physical condition on the exterior! “Insanity” is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result! Most are not understanding, most are not even closely factual based, “most actually are desiring, hoping for, or expecting “acceptance of others” for their own sabotage of their health!” The sad, very sad part is, almost all others will never ever say anything to the opposite, to truly help them! Acceptance, is more important than truth!


Over the years that I have worked in health and physical performance, I have seen this justification of sabotage through these lies, and the ridiculous claims of “oh I know” and “I don’t normally do this,” etc., etc., etc.!


Then there is the individual who brings these points to light because they do truly care, but are very quickly slammed with slanderous, ill intended remarks, when all the intent of good and help is left not seen or understood! Grasping the fact that there are those who desire to see better health, longevity for others, is too often put in the “they are judging me” category! Or the verbiage is taken as they are being a know it all, or “a better than thou,” when “HELP” and “care” were the only and whole intent!


It is interesting to me to see, that when the arrogant individuals who saw those who cared enough to say things constructive, helpful, etc. are in NEED THEMSELVES, that THOSE nay-sayer’s CHANGE THEIR SONG! Now that they have become sick, ill, or are hurting, that the individuals who “were caring, saying the constructive” are now readily sought, and are actually able to be heard! SAD, ISN’T IT! Some may call it karma, I call it Divine!


Preventive rather than the repair or restoration is definitely easier, more comfortable, less painful! It takes little and returns much more to actually listen, then consider, rather than to berate, belittle, etc.!


Health, it determines not just the quality of life, but also determines the length!


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