Health Clubs, Trainers, and the Truth!

So where do you or we start?    

We start with the most important question, “what’s in it for you?”

So the health club is offering basically equipment and space for rent, get that!

The personal trainer at this health club is offering “the IDEA that you will get results,” and hopefully in a “shorter time” than you could get them by yourself! After all why would you hire any one to teach you if you already knew?

When you walk in or call in, stop and REALIZE that “emotion”, meaning that if you “like” the looks of the club, the looks of the equipment, or how “friendly or nice” the personal trainer seems, your FEELINGS should have ZERO to do with your decisions! You’re to be after facts, and results! (You want deliverables, results, truth, and facts)

You are there to QUESTION the club, and the trainer, for “WHAT WILL” be actually “receivable” by you and for you!

No pie in the sky, no “hopeful” results, no possibles, you want the actual deliverables.

The health club usually has the trainer giving the house (club) a CUT, a percentage, of what the trainer makes.

So remember the TRAINERS money, that you pay them, IS SUPPOSED TO, or has to “GET YOU what you want,” results – period.

When it comes to the health club, try to get a one or three month membership maximum!

Why? Because if they are truly going to “take care or service your needs” they should have no problem with a shorter “time to see” type of membership.

Also, this gives you the out should it become different, than what you were told. See if towels are included, the hours, the cleanliness, availability of equipment at the times you will be using the club.

When it comes to the trainer, forget CERTIFICATIONS!

Yes, forget them, as these trainers never actually train anyone or have to prove their results for “being certified.” The certification companies want the money from the unsuspecting person desiring to become a trainer.

The training never, ever, involves in depth explaining, or involves actual physical instruction. Most of all the trainers never actually use body composition testing, with “accurate tests” to prove what does and what does not work. They receive little to no dietary experience or supplementation; the trainer receives no knowledge, nor understanding of how to optimize results, through increasing the client’s recovery ability.

IMPORTANT – When it comes to dietary considerations make sure the person guiding you has an extensive background, “with experience in helping people” to attain their desired results. Testing with N.I.R. body composition or hydrostatic testing should be done every two weeks and show “only fat lost while lean is gained.”

If someone will not or is not willing to test to prove accuracy and actual credibility, then your health is at risk, and desired results are not going to happen!

Basically the poor person, trying to become a credible learned trainer, is lied to, given only general knowledge to be able to talk a great job!  A sad reality for the person who paid for certification in hopes to become more “qualified, and successful!”

The health and fitness scene has digressed or actually gone way backward instead of improving in deliverables!  (Remember, truth, facts, deliverables)

The “health idea” is only that, a word, an idea, a hope, with little if anything positive actually being received by the unsuspecting unknowing client!

So let’s have a checklist:




Equipment availability


Short trial memberships

Adequate beginning instruction

(Not just one or two sessions)


Has clients to refer (measured results)

Take tests, pictures, and measurements

Body composition with accurate types

Knows nutrition

Knows supplements

Does use “resting heart rate” to know recovery

Brief sessions three times a week

Cardio performed last

Check all areas yourself check everything for credibility! It is your time, money, effort and most of all your health!    ©copyright Bert Seelman 2012

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