FITNESS…..new programs, a sell job, it’s about money

Fitness, Fatness, and Frauds… knowing the differences
Have you ever even considered the fact there are “so many experts, and programs” in the fitness

world? So, some of them, if not most of them, have to be fraud, wrong or literally off the mark! The fitness field use to make me wonder (when I first started), why are there so many new

programs every year, are there that many different ways to get fit or is it about money and ego?

Do the actual physiological facts change every year? Does the correct way to apply the facts, change every year? Is it possible that the public’s body requirements are changing every year? NO, no there are facts or certain specific requirements that must be applied in certain exact ways to cause specific results and these are fixed!

Well, here is the best question and I hope you are ready! Does the public ever “get it,” that they are emotionally buying in to this “insanity” of non-factual stuff! “Just because it has been slightly tweaked, in some small way to cause a new “perception or idea” that is usually not any more effective, only less!

The answer is, “No,” they don’t get it! Why? Because it maybe they want it as “easy” as possible and or as “cheap” as possible, plus they want it the way they individually “perceive it, they do not want the facts if the facts disagree with their wishes or beliefs! It is commonly seen that to try and “help” with differing facts will cause the vast majority to see this “help” as a saying to them that they are wrong, instead of being helped! Ego does this to a person!

So, the fat or “fatness” is the cash in the pockets of the frauds, which do nothing measurable for the emotionally bought in individuals! These so-called “health clubs” and so-called trainers are the self-righteous, self-proclaimed experts! Notice how these never test, never prove what they do is factual, with actual tested proof!

The factors of salesmanship can often change the way people perceive things. So, what this does is very unique. It allows every self-proclaimed expert, to get a shot at lots of the emotional buyer’s money! Yes, money has always been a strong motivator. This means the big companies can sell things like “certifications,” that don’t require the future trainer to actually “prove” they can do any good whatsoever for the client. Sad, very sad! It means the health club that never gives any actual healthy services, can require its staff to go through these great sounding courses, trainings, certifications and more, hopefully making the club look like it has some “status,” because they can then advertise their help is “certified.”

It seems to be, that people would rather even waste their money, by throwing their money into fraud worthless, results lacking programs just to say, “I’m doing something” rather than take the time to investigate facts and what really works! Or is it they would rather lose their money in less costly programs, so they can continue seeming to be doing something?

The public usually only wants to know the trainers are “certified” as a status symbol. The next major consideration for the vast majority is “do I like this trainer.” Not, what has he or she done for everyone or anyone they have worked with? What in actual proof? No, not do they actually

NOT “care about my real health” and not, just what my outside physical looks like, it is all about how they can get more business or money, income, even if they are practicing fraud.

Another consideration is the weight loss programs that brag about how much weight someone has lost. Oh yes, let’s see just how much weight someone can lose in a quick, fast, given amount of time. Most don’t even consider “it might, and usually is mostly lean tissue being lost, which will end up slowing the metabolism as most all programs do! These programs never consider real accurate body composition testing, like N.I.R. or hydrostatic weighing. No, they use the “worst methods or types of testing in accuracy, if at all,” like electrical impedance or even worse, calipers. But hey, they get to brag and then people wonder why the clients can’t keep up the pace or the loss. Let alone none of these clients are ever able to sustain the loss over time!

The poor, emotionally driven, illogically thinking fools have subjected themselves to the money machines and their health is paying the long-term bill.

When it comes to getting fit, and when it comes to someone working with your body, BEWARE!

Your body is the vehicle your life force (the spirit) which resides inside it. You are dealing with your life, health, and future wellness. Do some serious research and avoid the fraud.

Get verified people, not certified. You want someone who has experience, proof, and a long history of tested results. Their clients should have had health improvements in not just weight loss or looking good on the outside. You want someone who has worked with diabetics, had clients’ blood chemistry improved, as well as experience with the aged, the young, and even athletic competitors. Get qualified actual verified instruction. It is your life you are dealing with. Forget certified – get verified!

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