Exercise, Fitness, Health Programs……..LOST !!!

Exercise, fitness, health programs are……..LOST !!!

 RESULTS….where are they, in the fitness, health, and weight loss programs?

“Measured results”…….not even, the money grabbers are way too scared to do that!


Money, is the goal, for trainers, instructors, gyms, and don’t forget the supplement companies!

 We can put a man on the moon, we can transplant a liver from one man to another, and we can take DNA off a drinking cup and find someone specifically, but WE CANNOT GET MEASURED RESULTS FROM FITNESS OR HEALTH…….WHY?

I have been in the wellness field for over 43 years and the field as a whole has gone steadily backward or down hill and drastically so! This is due to willing-full ignorance, laziness, sloth, and emotion on the part of the members, clients or public in general!

People love to “say” they go to the gym! They love to “say” they eat well! They ”say” they are healthy! WRONG! Just watch their life and give it some time, your answer will manifest to be easily seen, and to their “not being” what they “said!”So their results for fitness are actually lost, and willingly so!

People lack facts, truth, effort, and especially the heart and drive to go out get the facts, and learn proper implementation of those facts!  Actual “WORKING KNOWLEDGE” IS VERY HARD TO COME BY, BUT IT IS OUT THERE!

FACTS, PLUS PROPER APPLICATION ADDED TO CONSISTENCY……NOW THAT’S THE ANSWER! There is the ability to test, measure, and prove such programs.

WITH the previous statement plus consistency continuous predictable, measurable, sustainable results are possible, in fact anyone could have them at will, if they research!

Effort or getting out of our comfort zones is the most common problem or limiting factor!

People have accepted the fact that nothing consistent and measurable is to be expected from exercise, weight loss, fitness or training, so again it is all lost! People hire trainers, get memberships, and do not question or hold accountable the programs, trainers, instructors or anyone for their un-received, or measured results! People do not demand testing, let alone they do not even know what test to ask for, or they do not even know that there are multiple tests, that should be being used!

If facts are known, they along with tests should be utilized to actually “engineer” programs for more or at least continued success!

We have laid out specific plans, in specific ways, with specific tests for clients for over 43 years! These tests show whether the client is doing their part of supplying adequate food, proper food, adequate nutrients, getting enough rest, etc., etc., etc.! ACTUALLY ENGINEERED PROGRAMS. -compare to

There are facts, references, instructions, directions, and tests all in my book as well as in the programs we help people with! People actually do programs long distance over the phone and far exceed every thing they have seen anywhere! Clients get a lifetime of knowledge, and learn a true lifestyle!

So results can happen, they can be measured, they can happen very fast, they can be predicted, and they can be continuous, and even long distance, because facts applied in a prescribed manner always yield the same results!

My BOOK…….is a start, actually the start, to results and a chance to get on a road to totally changed health and wellness, that will last for a lifetime! Get it, get started, demand more, expect more………it’s your health!


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