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Delivering a "personalized program" that is engineered to deliver  “fast” or “time efficient,” "effective," repeatable, measurable results, while being “health benefiting,” reliable, and of "positive value changing” methods, so that the gained results "become a constant reality!"

Our personalized programs are a individualized "Design Build" program, where anyone, male or female, any age, any condition, can drastically change their physical status! This meaning body composition, state of physical performance, internal health, and external looks or image! All the while, learning to predict, maintain, plus sustain the total new existence, of the new improved gained capacities, and total working knowledge to keep it for life!

Results "Unequaled,"
While Improving Health!
Proven, Tested, over 43 yrs
"Dare to Compare!"

Why Consider Us?

We Wrote The Book  -   FITNESS FRAUD


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We usemore FACTS,” “more precise APPLICATIONS,” “saving you TIME,” “while improving your health!”

So, our Engineered Methodsallow us to use “more tests” to  “measure and prove” your results!”    read Why Programs Fail
Our Results are Predictable, Repeatable, and Sustainable, making our results “TYPICAL!”

Most important to our results driven programs is the " live support" you can receive with every program! Meaning we walk our clients all the way to success and they are not left to fend for themselves!  read How it All Started

OUR site will enable you to learn, actually know, or empower you “ to question or test, with the  facts, applications and sequences necessary, to know the FRAUD, LIES, and mis-leadings in health, fitness, exercise, and nutrition programs! 

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“SPECIALIZING IN the EXTREME levels of physical performance”



Health includes – remedial, preventive, medication reduction, natural remedies, and healing – complete


We Use A “More Complete” view of health,  learn why   -our approach-


Creating, acquiring, or maintaining a state of physical health, is about supplying, adequate amounts of  required nutrients, in proper sequence, and in proper time!  Simply said, “It is about supplying what the bodies systems dictate!”   -examples-

Health is not luck, not by chance, and not an emotional “idea!” Health is made, with  preventive measures and maintenance!

Exercise / Training

Exercise  +  Training

“Correct, Effective and Efficient” Exercise, or Training, with Total Program Development, from Rehabilitation to Sports Performance.


We have the “Working Knowledge” of  “how, what, and why” for making the difference to guarantee you Acquire Your Goals!  You will learn for life!


Differences...the facts & reality are these…

Exercise – is exertion, causes discomfort, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, increased body temperature, sweating, pain, and even extreme nausea! (as is in training)

Recreation – is energizing, fun, comforting, social, easy, creates invigorating feelings, can be performed often! (as in socializing) (more…)

Nutrition – Diet – Supplements

Nutrition + Diet  

Diet,  Fat Loss,  Weight (lean) Gain, and  Supplements

NUTRITION – DIET – It either does something “for you or something to you”! Quote Bert Seelman


Nutrition – Diet  is – the chemicals, nutrients, or the required materials” of intake for, growth, repair, restoration or rebuilding, along with some being used for various fuels, needed for the physical body or being! (more…)





REVERSING OUR “WEARING OUT !” Seniors are “not old,” most are “worn out.” Due to “improper and insufficient maintenance!”  -examples-


It is not the “Rough Road of Life,” that’s the problem, “it’s the condition of the vehicle traveling the road!” – Quote Bert Seelman (more…)

Sports Performance

Sports Performance

With Youth and Youth Sports


We train the professionals, and we develop complete, comprehensive, tested programs for those aspiring to go to any level!


Sports are usually for being, showing, demonstrating, and competing, on or for a “higher lever of performance!

Sports usually are about or bring about the desire for excelling, not just participating!


Weight Loss / Fat Loss

Weight Loss / Fat Loss

You can lose it once, lose it right, and lose it for life!

Over weight, fat, obese, morbidly so, NO PROBLEM, we have “the long term natural answer!”


Programs, diets and so called cures, for fat loss or weight loss are literally everywhere. Yet there is hardly one, if one at all, that will actually test and prove that “only fat” is lost and not lean muscle! Why don’t these many programs test, is because it is about money and not having a returning customer, rather than “the true long term success of the client!” (more…)


Support + Service

Information, Direction, Instruction, Answers, Motivation, A Live Person, when needed, all of these and more, in various available methods!


Support – it’s why the program started! Support is what the program was INTENDED for! Support – is everything, it is information, applications, it is “available communication,” it is all this and more, that our program includes, to build better health, fitness, and longer life for our clients!

What support “means!” (more…)

Trainer Training / Verification

Trainer Training

Verification / Certification for Trainers, coaches and instructors


OUR training or “verification programs” as opposed to certification alone, will give actual understanding and the ability through critical experience in applications of working knowledge! This training will “develop the ability to teach clients, how to actually gain measurable results,” as opposed to those who were unfortunately “Taken and or Misled” by standard certification programs.




Consulting (all areas), Speaking, Workshops, Instructional Materials


Consulting can be for as little as an initial consult for a better understanding of a minor problem or question! Consulting can also be in depth enough to properly consider, evaluate, advise, and project the needs in time, information transfer, and therapies to restore a condition! Consulting can range greatly, form simple subjects, to “will we” supply or “develop service programs,” or “specific videos” for facility specific needs, and much more? On most all accounts (name it) it is usually, YES! (more…)


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