YOUTH – a human being in it’s formative stage

Youth are, in our opinion, the most severely neglected of all age groups. This neglect is due in part, to the fact that the vast majority of parents “who control these children’s lives” are, in today’s world busy, in some cases non-thinking, non-logical, self-seeking or self-indulged!

Get this point, and please keep it at the front of your thinking!
Children are “formed in the womb before birth,“ and even in the egg and sperm pre-making’s are even then in their FORMATIVE stages!

It has been proven “that DNA, is not completely turned on or off “if ” adequate nutrients are not present in the egg and sperm stage! This was verified and published in an article, “A Pregnant Mother’s Diet May Turn the Genes Around” – By SANDRA BLAKESLEE Published: October 07, 2003. (Read here)?

Parents almost never “pre-think of requirements” to full advantage or form their child to the full potential “before pregnancy!”

When a child is in the pregnant mother’s womb, how many women do you observe, “actually doing all” to gain maximum nutrient intake, “to form a better, more advantaged child?” Look around, observe!

When the child gets to school age and or gets involved with sports, their has already been “many stressors” upon the “young body, mind, and spirit” in its “formative life stages!”
These many stressors on the youth are “initial physical growth,” plus added “psychological or learning stressors” all registered in nervous responses, now add physical, plus mental/emotional stressors of “learning, practicing, and training” for sports training!

NOTE: “We understand physical performance,” and sports, “plus the many differing demands” upon the individual involved! By knowing the demands of our pre-planning or actual engineering affords us the meeting of the needed requirements “in advance,” this is a crucial factor of our consistent success!

It is no small wonder, “so many youths are injured, burned out, and stunted, in so many ways!” It is predominately due to nutrient and recovery needs “not only never met,” but not even understood or researched but, “not even considered by parents, let alone their coaches whom most of, are not even partially competent or properly schooled!”
This is in consideration from our perspective is total “ignorance” and “gross negligence!”

We have had and worked with many youths, “who have attained outrageous accomplishments,” mostly from having “parents who pre-planned, and pre-thought,” then acted on these essential factors in the early stages of a sports program. These parents and some coaches, who sought these pre-planned or engineered programs with long term sports goals, thereby developed children “who exceeded hopes,” while learning health and performance for life!

“Our programs of engineering or pre-planning for formative physical requirements to be “met first,” helps, ensures, and or extends the reality of “length of life in the sport, and length of life itself!”

Thought for consideration:
The stress psychologically,and intellectually added with the physical strain, in youth sports, so all the flesh is effected and is also “registered by the inner connected nervous system!”
The “psychological impact” of training “without nutrient requirements” being adequately met, to allow “recovery or restoration” is to have “the greatest of possibilities” of limiting, even ruining “the attitude or desire” of ever desiring or doing anything in health, fitness or sports “for life!”
“Extreme care or caution” should be utilized when choosing a program, coach, and or a personal trainer! (learn to test them)
A Youth Program would provide the following services to an individual under 18 years of age:




and all of these, with the actual working knowledge of utilizing them together!


I believe this should be “the major point” of client consideration…
This is “why we charge a little more” because what we teach and deliver

Finding The Right Coach for Your Kids

The “right coach” will “see” the following are preferred considerations to be applied, rather than “ego” driven myths, and old methods!

Critical considerations for “long term” success and benefits

SKILL – is always preferred to SPEED OR STRENGTH.
Greater skill requires fewer attempts from failed performances.

ECCENTRIC exercise is best for creating speed and strength.
Eccentric is the releasing, or lengthening of the muscle, and should be done in a controlled manner.

STRENGTH is the determinate of endurance when compared on an individual basis.
So strength = endurance, on an individual basis.

MUSCLE strength is “safest measured” by the number of multiple repetitions, rather than single reps of maximum.

EXERCISE is a “stressor” or stimulus, a triggering of muscles to push them beyond the “momentary” capability for increased capacity.

EXERCISE in and of itself “does not make the muscle tissue” increase,
the “recovery system” does. Nutrition is the material, and rest is the processing time.

MENTAL toughness is not required as much when “skill” is used.
Constant challenges mentally under constraint, can lead to less desire to train.

DRIVE & EFFORT should be most significant to keep the physical support requirements met….
for faster repair, recovery, and restoration to make the most of responses.

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Working with a child!   
From, The Great Fitness Fraud, by Bert Seelman

Working with a Child

I wish to stress, that for a child most of their limitations are in their minds. Important and critical limitations should always be tested (properly and carefully) and then exceeded.

A child has several very specific and critical needs that must to be met. First, the young person has not only the stress of exercise to deal with, but also has a factor of growth and formation of his or her physical structure and all of its processes. This young person should be inspired and taught the possible positive benefits that will provide sustaining value for the rest of their lives.

Anyone who is teaching or coaching a child should work from the following point of view. First and foremost, the coach’s or fitness professional’s duty is cause no harm. They need to find ways to make each and every experience a positive event. It must be about the child and his or her learning.

Beware of the coaches and teachers who do not prioritize the physical condition and health of the child and are more worried and concerned for their winning record. Exercise should be taught in carefully graduated increments causing each experience to be a positive one. The child should always be challenged in exercise and conditioning, ‘yet never fail.’

The child should be ready to be pushed, and then willing to be pushed again. The child should always want to see how far they can go, to step up to each challenge with excitement and a positive attitude. It is the coach’s duty to make sure that they do not take this person too far, or cause there to be a negative experience in the early stages of exercise.

Nutrition is the first consideration, then rest or time to accumulate, and process adequate nutrition. Exercise is as I have stated a stress, and is to be used with prudence, and careful implementation. A resting heart rate should be established and checked on a frequent basis. This resting heart rate will be the coach’s guide for how much exercise this person is able to withstand and yet recover in minimal time.

A coach needs to ask about any soreness or pain. He or she has to be ready to check the child’s body composition. The coach should also check the child’s weight and their dietary records, to see if their dietary program is sufficient.

I cannot stress this enough, these are a child’s formative years, and the operative word is formative. You want this child to be fully and adequately developed for optimal health over the long term of his or her lifetime. This is the age when a child is most impressionable and can be taught habits that will benefit and last a lifetime.

NOTE:I have worked with young people starting as young as five years old and seen many long-lasting and positive effects. Meanwhile, I have kept these young people eager, interested, and wanting to learn more. Trainers, fitness professionals, coaches, and parents, you have a huge responsibility to make sure the long-term good is attained.

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