Clients Bill of Rights

Standards and Ethics of A Real Healthcare Programs

Nutrition 1st, rest 2nd, and exercise or rehabilitation 3rdthis prioritized order of events shows that the person receiving care is going to have the components in order, and progress or advancement shall have a greater ability to take place.
Problematic causes of malfunction or disease. It is imperative that the program or service being considered understands the basic causes and reasons why, how, and what is causing problems with performance or health.
Imperial proof of all phases. Whatever the service or program, there must be empirical proof of results in all processes and procedures. Facts, being applied in a proper and consistent manner, will always give the same end result.
There should be instruction and direction in all phases so that there will be a sustainability of the end or desired results.
There should be multiple tests to show proof of actual effectiveness, as well as for motivation and correction, these tests should be performed in many areas and in varied ways. It ensures credibility.
Causes and effects. If fact-based knowledge is utilized in the proper manner then forecasting or predictions prior to each phase of services or programs is possible. If this is not possible, then the trust and credibility factor is partially or totally diminished.           
Referral of other services.Because no one person, service or program has everything. So, to ensure that the client receives as much success and benefit there is or should be a group or list of complimentary services or professionals to refer to.

NOTE: Your care and health are at stake, if anyone or service will not offer these standards you are being compromised, and your intelligence demeaned.

You as the client or customer have the right to demand that these things be provided you.

Do not be taken in by any emotional decisions or pressures. Even in the physician’s office you have the right to a written explanation in simple terms for your future reference. Do not allow anyone to lie to you; you are entitled by law to a copy of your records at any time.   



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