Sports Performance

Sports, programs from beginning youth, to extreme professional.

The “competitive edge” is where our conception, birth, advancement, and heart began!

COMPETITION – that’s what sports are all about, stronger, faster, farther, and more!

The three-part man, Spirit, Mind, and Body, must all be “conditioned, taught, and readied, all together here for the competitive edge! The Spirit = drive, the Mind = the discipline, the Body = the vehicle, are all included, connected, and prepared!

The whole man, all three parts, has to be included in any sports program, and health is primary for not just todays competition, but for length of career, and length of life after career!



I believe this should be “the major point” of client consideration…
This is “why we charge a little more” because what we teach and deliver


EGO – the KILLER in Sports Performance…


Often defined as “Edging God Out” = “ego,” or “Edging Good Out”……

Sports Performance, the most significant single destroyer of athletic and sports performance, is “Ego!”

The “second greatest destroyer of sports performance is “false self-confidence!” It is called “arrogance,” which is “contempt before the investigation,” or unwillingness to even hear another person through or to be open for possible growth in many ways!

Athletes, especially those who have attained a slightly good record of performance, are usually “unable to listen to anything that anyone outside their realm has to say!” After all, they think, “what do they know about how I got here?”

Most athletes are of the thinking that “their hard work got them their success!” Maybe, maybe not! Exercise is usually more overdone than most understand! When an athlete starts to see exercise as a stressor and can begin to realize that food or great nutrition is primary! Plus, then know that rest or downtime is when, and where, the actual repair or healing happens, then this is when their results and performance starts to make good strides forward!

Athletes need to grasp the facts that exercise is a stressor or stimulus to cause change! That  “their recovery ability or reserves” and “rest” or downtime, “make the desired changes or increases” through added strength or muscle! (it is about how well and how fast, an athlete recovers for the next workout)

So, to have continuous, consistent, improvement, “an athlete to assure good performance must use facts, precise applications, with checks and balances, not feelings, ideas, or hope so’s! This is where our success has been made, in “the actual engineering” of an individual’s success!

I have been fortunate enough to teach many critical facts, insights, applications, and checkpoints! We have been able to assist many athletes, from very young, to very old to excel, way excel when most coaches would scoff at the “idea of” trying!

So sports performance like anything is dependent on the engineering for success! To realize success, a pragmatic, logical, engineered approach works! 

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