The TERRIBLE TRUTH of the SICK and Being Sick…

The TERRIBLE TRUTH of the SICK and Being Sick…

Sickness is a later stage of “disease,”   “dis-ease” is or equals “unrest” at the cell level!

You are a brand new person physically, down to every cell every sixteen months. This is accomplished by the foods (nutrients) or lack of good foods that you consume, your intake. This is why the old statement of “you are what you eat” is so true.

You see every cell is small, but each is majorly important. Food either does something positive and good for you, or it does something negative and debilitating to you.

Today most people see food as fun, entertainment, a thrill, or a taste excursion, and not something that rebuilds or gives health.

The word disease is actually dis/ease or unrest or imbalance at the “cell level,” which when continued or progressed, turns into sickness or illness (meaning an ill status). Illness is a state of “lowered physical performance!”

People want life EASY and not with much in the way of having to really use efforts, not even in thinking. Most know way more about their computer or car, than their body, how sad is that? But of course “everyone” will say how they “know how to eat” yes they do, way too much, way too often, and not quality enough.

So SICK, is a mostly SELF ACQUIRED state. Earned by the person who is sick. Lack of action, to maintain, is still an action, called failure by default. Preventive measures are what build and sustain health!

Most people would be amazed just how good they could feel and be, if they used non emotional, factual, self evident preventive measures to improve themselves from the inside out.

Sicko’s, ill-o’s, poor me me-o’s, are needing to wake up get a life, and realize, we all SEE THEM. The fat, obese, etc., are a literal picture of what they are “on the inside, super selfish!” Just as the sick are seen!

Another major health factor is when a person is only having ONE BOWEL MOVEMENT a day, THEY ARE SICK! When a person is fifty plus pounds over weight, that is another LOUD STATEMENT about WHO they are and what they are about! Fat takes 3500 too many calories per pound to make, it doesn’t just materialize! Those are the ME NOW people, who do not want to take responsibility, just do whats easy and fun, selfishness, their self will is running riot!!

Constantly going to the Doctors, going for drugs, prescriptions to mask their ACHES and PAINS is
such a SELFISH move, as it cost everyone through increased insurance rates, and it says they don’t want to be around for their loved ones. If they would only value their health and use preventive measures everything could improve and quickly!

Just like so called Christians who teach the saving the souls, but walk around looking like the out of control they are, eating things they should not eat, all WRONG! The so-called spiritual are going around never thinking that the body is the “vehicle,” the housing of the spirit! This body needs to be kept up with care, in health!

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