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Fat, Fear, and Failure………

Fat, fat loss, or weight loss is the strong motivator for most beginning fitness enthusiasts. Fat or weight loss is the actual goal of so-called weight loss programs. Fat is a differing thing to many individuals, to some it is a size thing, while others it is about weight, and either is easily dealt with when accurately understood and facts are utilized.

Fear is what rules most peoples emotions in most weight loss programs. Fear of no loss, less loss, loss that doesn’t continue and on and on. Fear that a person is fat and not as pretty, or handsome or fit, or healthy, etc., etc., etc…! Fear cannot operate as easily when an individual has true understanding of the facts, of how the body adds fat, removes fat, and when, or when not to eat, and what to eat, and what not to eat! This whole fat, weight, size thing can be settled, learned and dealt with easily!

We have the long term weight loss answers!         -loss for life-          -loss long distance-

Failure in weight loss or fat loss programs comes from the programs being ill informed, or incomplete, or both. Failure to continue to lose or to be able to “keep weight off” comes from lack of facts or a lack of consistency in applying the facts! Failure to continue to lose or keep weight or fat off is usually by selfishness, or choices once weight has been lost!

Weight loss is much more than just calorie counting, more than just discipline, more than just taking a pill, more than just having a surgical procedure. Weight control usually starts from bad examples, bad input of information, bad applications, and a host of other factors.

Weight control needs several important factors to be truly successful, short term and long term!

1 – Understanding of the facts of “what the body requires,” not what people think, feel or believe.

2 – Understanding of the bodies “priorities for food utilization” and how that dictates what the body does with foods.

3 – Utilizing someone as an accountability person who can have the “given authority” to ask questions, and take weight, check diet logs, and be helping in their questioning everything to assist your compliance.

4 – Checks and balances, meaning body composition tests, measurements, pictures, review of eating logs. etc.

Why our engineering sets us apart.

Most individuals fail due to balance, which will have cravings, and or hunger, most programs are not wanting to have body composition tests every other week to prove that only fat is being lost and not muscle. This is the true test of a competent, correct, and healthful program.

Many people fail because they will not allow another person to help their accountability because of embarrassment! When in reality we all need help at different times, especially in our health!      -support-

The mind that gets an individual overweight, cannot usually help to get the individual back on track without outside help! Too many justifications are rationalized and are in many cases “not seen” when needed to be seen.                    -disease is by choices

Weight loss is a sensitive area that is seen, literally “viewed” by all and yet they try to conceal what is in plain view!               -obesity is a choice-

Success in losing weight and losing it for life is totally possible, however it takes knowledge, the experience of application, support, and the final most important point EFFORT!

Effort is usually the deal breaker because weight gain is inmost all cases a crime of convenience and or comfort or both!      -support is the winning key-

So fat can be gone, fear can be handled, and failure is a choice, so what do you want?

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