the WHOLE MAN -spirit,body,mind – the inward seen outward

the WHOLE MAN – spirit, body, mind, the inward, seen outward

Our inward man is “seen,” outwardly…..

(Intent is everything)                                    ©Copyright 2011 Bert Seelman

The Spirit – true being – life force – animator

The body – the physical, the vehicle of spirit

The Mind – the perceiver – justifier / liar / reasoner

The length and quality of the physical life helps determine to a great extent the amount of work that can be accomplished by the spirit. The physical body must receive its required nutrients, and time for restoration to maintain physical health and optimal performance. Without preventive maintenance (upkeep) the body will breakdown or become imbalanced / stressed. This imbalanced or unresponsive state  is  “dis / ease,” or disease. Unrest at the cellular  level.

Spirituality is also about proper maintenance of the vehicle (body), that the Spirit dwells in. To not maintain the physical body, is to cut short the journey of the Spiritual work to be accomplished.

The mind if left to do as it wants, is to do only those things that are convenient and those which give sensations of pleasure! Even thinking, for many can be way too much effort! Higher spiritual truths require sacrifice of self, efforts, commitments, and discipline!

Thoughts, which are an electrical impulse or energy (positive or negative) are where evil, negatives, and sickness enter in! Through things that are selfish, self centered, self indulged and immediately gratifying. Positive thoughts are positive energy and negative thoughts are negative energy!

Bad thoughts, make for bad desires, make for bad attitudes, make for bad actions, make for bad habits, make for bad health!

Scripture states that “as a man thinks so is he.” It is also written that we should “bring every thought into captivity that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.”

Sin is sickness to the soul (spirit). Just as “sickness is sin to the body.”

Scripture states that “whether it is easier to say to the sick of the palsy “arise and walk” or to the sinner” your sins be forgiven thee,” you be the judge, it is or they are the same!

It is all human performance. There is no difference in taking an athlete from one level of performance to another, than in taking a sick person and getting them well.

The deal breaker (determining factor) is “un-forgiveness.”Mark chapter 11 says “that when we stand praying to forgive if we have ought (anything) against anyone,” for if we do not forgive neither will our Father which is Heaven for give us our trespasses.”

So if we want to be healed, we need to give healing, by giving or allowing forgiveness.

An analogy is, if our hands are full hanging on to something of hate or any other bad or evil, how can we allow God to place his gift of healing in our hands! Scripture also says, as a man sews so shall he reap! Positive to positive (health) and negative to negative (sickness).

Sin is also defined in Romans where it says, “sin is to him, that’s knows to do good and he does it not, to him it is sin.”

Scripture also says that, “God hears not sinners,” so our “intent” is everything!

Intent says, we are either “selfless” or we are “selfish.” It says “give and ye shall receive,” it does not say “receive and then give out.”

If we desire health, we will show it. If we are gracious to others, we will have grace. If we are about ourselves we will show it. Our intent shows in our life! Its quality, quantity, and duration!

Note: This truth written above is a moral code at the least. It is not to persuade anyone to a denomination or religion. This is self evident truth and my findings after 40+ years of super, actually astounding results filled work! Believe it or not, it works this way!

It is my belief, backed with thousands of people and their obvious measurable results were! If you have trouble with this, then you probably are or have been sick way too long! So please prove this different, as I am totally open and have missed the so called mark or boat.

So in summation of this point, man is clearly “seen” or at least his intents show in his life physically, by the health he contains. The spirit, body and mind must work in balance!

©copyright Bert Seelman 2011


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