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Personal Training Certifcations are fraud,miseadling

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Personal training certifications are fraud, misleading and where to get the right answers

DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL TRAINING CERTIFICATIONS, as a qualified, or as being good, it is fraud!

Ever notice how someone says their trainer is certified? It seems that most take that certification as the person should be qualified and not a fraud! The health clubs want to boast that their staff  are all qualified! So, what the point is “supposed to be” is that your workouts are better and that you are going to get your monies worth.  WRONG, very, very wrong!

Actually the poor individuals who actually pay for these so called certifications are being ripped off of time, efforts, and money. It is yet another money maker for big business.

Realize that no actual training is ever done by the individuals gaining these certificates. Yes, only paperwork exchanges hands, oh and money of course! These hope to be ”trainers” are going to have to read up and test up but no actual proof of their application is necessary, none! The individuals who desire to be in a profession of their liking find the actual training is all a sham. They may talk the talk but do not learn how to walk the walk.

The public is even more deceived as no one ever brings this point to the open! There are some very specific factors that need to be addressed. Health is not even a consideration. The individual who hires one of these so called “trainers” is literally as well qualified as any or most trainers. No specific applications that AWLAYS BARE RESULTS! Think about it, if they never trained anyone with actual measured results, so what are you paying for? Silly isn’t it. Actually it is stupid.

Recently I wrote a book “the great fitness fraud” in it is the exact formulas from applied facts that give results every time! This book is the product of my forty years of private coaching and the incredible results by using facts that can be had by anyone!

If you know someone who has or is about to hire a personal trainer this book teaches more than any certification about the facts and the exact way to apply them for guaranteed results. With this book they will actually be able to “school” their trainer! If the trainer is smart, they will use this book as a manual for their business.

Don’t be or let your friends have less than they deserve. This book is less than the price of one session of training. It is a great gift and a great reference for your dietary and health needs. For less than the price of one session you get more than the trainer’s certification in knowhow. Forty years of my knowledge for less than the cost of a session of unqualified certification! I wrote this book to safeguard individuals form the fraud of it all, not to mention the frustration of having a personal trainer that is misleading in their knowledge!

Check out references, and my websites as well as YouTube’s……

Or go to http://www.amazon.com/Great-Fitness-Fraud-Million-Victims/dp/1453879994/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid

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