AMERICA….from Great with “GOD”,….to Gone With The GODLESS….

AMERICA…..from GREAT with “GOD,” ….  to Gone with the “GODLESS





This is America, border to boarder, east to west, north to south, a republic, with a “constitution!”  America, also has a “bill of rights!”


America was supposedly built on “Christian values,” not Muslim, not Hindu, not Tao-ist, or any other!


”Christians” can, if you notice, come in Baptist, Catholic, and other “so-called denominations!”

Most Christians cannot even read the same bible and agree on what it’s saying!


I, after deeply studying the WORD of GOD, the bible, call the many and diverse denominations, actual “DEMON-izations!”


If you will truly look at most ilk that calls themselves “Christian,” those for the very vast majority of them, cannot pass a very “basic twenty question test,” about what being a Christian means!

I am saying that the majority of Christians “do not” even start have, “the basic knowledge, that the GOD of the bible would have them to know!”


This is “why” most so-called Christians, are “destroyed for lack of knowledge,” as it is written in HOSEA 4:6!

“GOD has stated in this passage in Hosea, that HIS people have rejected knowledge (Hosea 4:6), so they have destruction running RAMPANT among them! Because, people will not gain the knowledge, and they actually reject it, HE, GOD, “will reject them,” and it shows!


Christian’s for example, go around saying that “JESUS paid for their sins, and for their healing!” Yet most Christians, yes most, “find a way to justify” not using natural methods of preventive health and healing! Natural methods of healing, as in using herbs, and diet which are all part of the knowledge, God gave in HIS WORD!


Christians, for the most part try to justify using DOCTORS by the lie of saying, “God created DOCTORS!” Which of course, is not truth at all! In the course of my many years of searching the bible, no where is there any such reference!


In the book of 2 Chronicles 16:12, King Asa, actually died because “he sought the Physician, and not GOD!”

Most Christians say, “JESUS paid for their sickness, and HE gives us healing!” ISAIAH 53:5

Yet Christians go to the DOCTOR, and never use the herbs told about in scripture! GENESIS 1:29.


In Mark 16: 17-19 (read these) It says that “believers will do healings”, so those who go to the DOCTOR and not JESUS, just “PROVED THEMSELVES, NOT BELIEVERS!” Either JESUS heals, or HE does not!


SORRY, “so-called Christian’s” they say they believe, ”but their actions prove differently!”

That’s the same as an illegal immigrant “saying they are an American,” yet the fact is they are a law breaker and illegally residing here!

I personally believe, it is way worse for the Christian to lie about their belief, making JESUS and Christianity look bad, than it is for the illegal immigrant to lie!


In America, we have a “freedom” of speech, “for Americans,” this freedom is paid for in the blood of veterans! This freedom is NOT FOR THOSE WHO COME HERE ILLEGALLY! They are NOT Americans, at least not yet!


If you reside LEGALLY in this land of America, you can qualify for being an American, after following immigration laws! Then, you are or can become an American!


Christian values, are based on GODLY values! That means the “WORD of GOD,” defines these values, their meanings, and what those “freedoms to speak are!” The freedoms are “truths, facts, and realities!”


I find it laughable when a person, especially a veteran is told that they cannot say what they want, how they want, after all that person of all, has the “RIGHT!” If someone does not like what is said, they should leave and “get out of EARSHOT, and DO IT QUICKLY!”


People today, are pathetic, logically void, delusional, emotionally run, informed only in their immediate interests, which almost never have any fact-based information or basis!


Here is another pathetic piece of p.c. and distortion trying to be pushed on us all!


A person of male birth, having sex with another male, or a female having sex with another female! Those persons are not Homosexuals!

Those actions are not a biologically a normal function!


So, in Webster’s dictionary a person who does such, is “legally” called or termed, a “pervert!” We can, legally use this word “pervert!”

To “pervert,” is defined as “changing the natural use of, “to pervert!” This is not illegal, but a “legal definition,” and a fact!


Political Correctness is usually used today to “justify,” form a lie, a non-truth, or to use less than the full truth!

P.C. it is used to TRY TO JUSTIFY, that which is not justifiable, in GODS WORD!



NOTE: This article is intended for a wake-up call, although the vast majority will refuse to listen!


When Christians do not know or do not have the knowledge that GOD desires, evil can and will reign!

When Christians lack the knowledge that GOD desires and provided for them, they will not have the signs of believers described in Mark 16, as Jesus said they should have!


However, the time is coming, when there will be “a wake-up call,” that “NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO REFUSE!”

I truly hope, there will be a surprising number, who WILL LISTEN, BEFORE HAND!



Or, are you one who should be researching, seeking knowledge?


My thought is, illegal entry to America is one thing, but lacking preventive maintenance for our physical and spiritual lives is another! God has given us “HIS” knowledge, in “HIS WORD!”


Many never take time to consider what or “who” is “really involved” with their day to day lives!


Me, I have been observing, and me, I would rather take the time to research, rather than be rejected!

Especially, because I was Slothful, = lazy, and, Arrogant, = to have contempt prior to investigation!


ISN’T a little research reasonable, when so much is at stake?


NOTE: This is not an attack, a name calling, nor is it directed at any one person or group, this document has been “LEGALLY SCANNED,” this is a general expression of observations, no malice is intended!

©copyright Bert Seelman 2018

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