The “HOLE”…

“The Hole”….


The Hole, that starts every illness…..


The Hole …. that prevents healing, every time…

Why not heal everything? Why do some get it, and why do some not?

It is all answered here!


It is more important to know, what sort of person has a disease, than to know what sort of disease a person has!  Hippocrates


Know, that man is a three part being!

Man is and was “a creation,” from a “CREATOR!”


The Spirit or true being, the life force!

The SPIRIT is legally known as “the animating force!” It is the “electrical charge” and flow!

The Intellectual or intelligence, or “the Mind!”

The Physical or the body or the vehicle for the Spirit and Mind to ride around in on the journey called life!


Only by “knowing the whole man,” only then, with the Spirit included, can one get to the beginning or root cause, and move forward for a full, true, and total healing!


Every cancer and illness stem from a “Spiritual Hole” in that person’s foundation!

     Quote: “James Bardwell. D.O.”


If a person can start, by “finding the Spiritual Hole”….in their foundation!

Then, they have found the root cause of “where illness came in…!”

This must first, be addressed!


After this finding the Spiritual HOLE, only then can a complete, total healing, be a reality!

All Healing, must start with “SPIRIT!”


After all, it is A Spirit that created another Spirit, a positive charge!

So, we also know it is Anti-spirit, a Negative that cases “Dis/ease” or “unrest,” also known as illness or dis/ease or unrest at the cell and ionic level!


Always, the start must be with the Spirit, which is the Animating Force, or the foundation will always be flawed!

With a “flawed foundation,” nothing can be built upon, “to last the journey of life!”


The Spirit, the non-addressed part of man by modern medicine!

The Physical, the non-addressed part of man by the modern church!

This is why true healing is blatantly failing everywhere!


It is the CREATOR who Manufactured, it is the CREATOR who created!

A three part being requires three requirements to sustain!


The Spirit requires Spiritual food, Spiritual food = scripture!

The Mind requires intellectual food,

Intellectual food = knowledge!

The PHYSICAL requires Physical food,

Physical food = nutrition!


The laws are exact reasons, why Healing fails, or why it happens!


All the answers are here in this realm!

They are in the CREATORS (manufacturers) hand book! The answers are in the scriptures!

This is where the words of “knowledge” for everything, every answer, to every problem are!


Hosea 4:6   (read carefully, reread)

Note: knowledge is in the scriptures, but people reject it …..


Start at the above, and should you desire, we have more suggestions…..


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