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Small Children, Drunks, and Yoga-Pants…..

Little children, drunks, and Yoga-pants….

I saw a sign the other day with the glaring truth and it said:
Only three things “tell the truth – little children, drunk persons, and Yoga-Pants!”

Let’s look at that from reality, from the viewers side!

Wearing clothes that “Flatter” is one thing, wearing pants that “Advertise” or “Scream” suggestions is another!
For instance, for women theres a t-shirt, a tank top, a halter top, and a bikini top and then there are “pasties!”
In men’s there is pants, there is cargo pants, sweat pants, blue jeans, slacks, shorts, swim trunks, briefs, and speedo’s!

If anyone wears clothes that “Advertise” and “gets” attention that “they say” is out of line, TOO BAD….they asked and deserve what they got, they “Earned it!”

Men do not usually walk around in “long john’s” that are “form fitting,” nor do they normally walk around in speedo’s!
Women say….yes “say” they like yoga pants! But, lets see “HOW” they “use or wear” these “yoga” pants!
They are either “YO -ga” pants or worn as YOO-GUUUUHH PANTS? “TAKE THIS HOWEVER!”

If anyone wears yoga pants that “expose serious sickening excess,” and someone “says something” TOO BAD, “They Asked and Deserve IT!” They are being an eye sore and are STILL getting attention, yes they were knowingly seeking! GET REAL!

Having Serious Excess Fat (overweight, large, obese) is NOT Pretty, Not Cute, Not Justifiable!

There was a time in fashion there were “Goucho Pants, and Hip Huggers!
People now because of their self indulged abusive excess, now wear ….
Groucho pants and Hippo Huggers!

Big, large, fat, and obese is not, nor ever will be “beautiful, acceptable,or justified,” even God says it’s one of seven deadly sins! So wake up, get your health in line, and your deranged and non-justifiable excess! Have some self pride, please!

Stop telling the lies about “why” your FAT. You know that insanely stupid stuff! It cannot be made to be, O.K.!

Remember this FACT, for each and every pound of excess body fat, it took or required “3500 excess calories” or the equivalent of 36 extra large eggs to be eaten (consumed)!

No thyroid problem, no having a baby, no drug caused it. Fat did not “just happen, it did not seek you out,” it was food going hand to mouth, FACT!

Over weight, large, fat, obese is a direct happening from choices, or “self will running riot, period!

We don’t have to be “out of control!”

There are serious fact based programs to help deal and support regaining your health and wellness available!

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