POST from Dr. M.D………..Lunacy….insulting…..stupidity

Dr MD posted an article about “how your needs may vary from someone else!

The following was my response! “(Would you expect less)”……

It’s a total JOKE that people flock to the Medical Professionals when if you stand outside the hospitals or Doctors offices and watch the “sad pathetic excuses” for the HELP going in to Work With People!”

Is this YOUR Choice if Credible???
Smoking, drinking coffee, and many barely able to squeeze their large ass’s between parked cars…. REALLY!”

And people actually believe these KNOW Health…….WRONG……

So here was my response…THINK ABOUT THIS!!!

DUUUHH. Really….. I mean REALLY …… gee I gues my 6’10” friend needs more than my 5’3” frame GO FIGURE … this just proves even more how little reasoning and thought is used by the medical profession….. and that this is NEWS…..
Sad but More Proof How very very UNCARING the medical community truly is…..HEALTH … just look at the waist line and Ass size of those working in the field especially if their working on you ??‍♂️??
If the shoe doesn’t fit …. STRETCH IT !!!

Who’s STUPID ….
To trust in anyone who does not live their Profession has ZERO credibility and should not be trusted!!!


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