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Constipation is a serious problem, it usually is stemming from several factors not just one.


Lack of adequate hydration (water, H2O). We need a minimum of 4 quarts of purified water per day.

Lack of adequate dietary fiber on a regular schedule. We need at least 7 to 10 cups of vegetable per day!

Lack of adequate amounts of select minerals and vitamins. Adequate amounts of minerals for processes!

Condition severity:

Light: individual has one to two bowel movements per day                           

Moderate: individual has only one bowel movement every day

Bad : individual has one bowel movement every other day

Severe: individual has one bowel movement every third day

Dangerous: individual has one bowel movement every forth to fifth day

Imagine that if a person eats three meals a day and has only “one” bowel movement a day, after two weeks that is 42 meals minus 14 bowel movements, or 28 bowel movements worth of food fermenting and rotting in their colon! Ever wonder why diseases start or why we get sick, let alone the lack in quality food we put into our systems.

Start with stopping problematic causes of unhealthy items like, caffeine, nicotine, sodas, sugars, excess starches! Which can increase constipation.

Drink adequate water for hydration. About 4 oz. per half hour. ( use more if conditions dictate)

Get adequate fiber. From salads, vegetables ( are the best source), fruits, whole grains.


Use raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar (Bragg’s). 1 tblspn in 3 – 4 oz water every morning.

If bowels are sluggish use vitamin C in increasing doses, until evacuation starts.

Consider using small doses of magnesium malate throughout the day to assist the vitamin C, and extra efforts with water. (Consider adding 1 teaspoon of Nature Works Swedish Bitters per quart of water)

Another method of getting bowels working is to start utilizing the 4 oz per half hour “water” or even using 6 to 8 oz per half hour with vitamin C 500mg. every 2 hours.

For a “jump start” try drinking 4 – 8 oz of  warm water every half hour while starting with 1000 – 1500mg of vitamin C in the beginning and adding 500mg per 2 – 3 hours until movement starts.
Magnesium malate, 500 – 700mg every two hours can be beneficial for the first 6 hours. For 1 – 4 doses. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS…..

Remember there are those who know and practice “real health,” so make sure who you are dealing with.

For natural ways of restoring the body to true health and an education that will last a lifetime call us!

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