CANCER – yes CANCER, IT’s treatments are beyond Insanity……..beyond Stupidity…..
Think and read all of this, Doctors Ego’s of their HELPING IS SO STUPID and WHERE, does a Doctor EVER, YES EVER do anything after their barbaric treatments do they give anyone ANYTHING TO HELP REBUILD?
Hypothetical – Cancer Treatment
A small child gets a disease, so obviously something was out of balance at the cell level.
So this disease or cancer is growing and beating, actually killing all “good life giving and promoting process’s!”
So this disease is ” more powerful” and “faster growing,” than the good cells!
So the little child is taken to a Doctor “for a chance” to get well or healthy!
So the doctor says lets give the child chemotherapy, which is a very a strong poison! Now this chemo poison is supposed to be “more powerful than the cancer”, so it will kill the cancer, which is killing the child’s body right!
So explain to me this, the cancer is already more rapid growing and destroying life in the child’s body, “so how” can something like “the chemo or greater poison” than the cancer which is killing the child’s body, help good cells be growing, to allow any good cells left, to have any life at all? Re-read!
Now before the Doctor, “by the way he is an expert,” gives the chemo poison to kill the cancer, which is more powerful than the life cells in the body, the doctor tells you not to give your child vitamins and minerals because they are known to lessen effects of chemo or poison! So the doctor wants and is telling you to not “weaken the poison” with vitamins and minerals which obviously make health and good growth in the body!
So the child with the cancer which is more powerful than the good cells, is going to be given a more powerful poison to kill cancer, which is more powerful than the child’s health now, so it receives more poison, to make him BETTER, WHO’S STUPID HERE? Please use logic!
Now the doctor and the hospital are going to CHARGE YOU, for the “awesome powerful poison”, plus your child gets to suffer from the cancer, “and” the poison “chemo” plus the body the child has is weakened somewhere that’s why the cancer is there to start, so WHO’S REALLY HELPING ANYTHING HERE???
Now let’s talk about the surgery that the Doctor says needs to be done! The cancer was more powerful than the good cells and needs to be cut out, now the body could not respond and beat cancer because it was out of balance. So you are going to take this out of balance body with cancer and cut a chunk out of the body that already is stressed by imbalance so cancer starts, then give it surgery to respond to also!
Hmmm is all this making sense to you? If it does you need euthanized immediately!
Now let’s take one more run at this child with cancer!
So a child’s body is out of balance and cannot respond adequately and gets cancer that grows faster and more powerfully than the health state the child has!
So you give the out of balanced body that has gotten cancer which is more powerful than it can respond positively to, a more powerful than the cancer poison, to get “healthy” and you cannot give vitamins that “create health” but then you go and cut on the same body with all the cancer, with more powerful poisons (chemo) and then you cut on it when it could not respond way back in the beginning!
So help me the body could not fight cancer it’s too powerful, so you poison it, then stop vitamins that builds health and then cut on the body because the poison didn’t work, so the surgery or cutting something out should help???
Now let’s try this…
A child gets cancer; they then use a surgery for the more powerful cells that give life and the body that could not adequately respond to fight cancer so they cut the cells of cancer out!
Now the body couldn’t respond to the cancer to fight it, but now they cut on the same poorly responding body, to force it to respond more to the stress of surgery, to remove a greater stress.
So now the cancer comes back because the body was out of balance to begin with!
So next the poison to kill the cancer the surgery could not stop. Don’t forget no vitamins to help build health or make better responses!
So now cutting didn’t work, poison didn’t work, stopping vitamins didn’t work, so how about burning it out with radiation? The stress of internal burning on top of cutting, on top of poison on top of stopping vitamins this all should make sense????
I’m missing something here cause this is getting way way too stupid!
But don’t pay attention to this because if you will take a look around, people are doing this INSANITY everyday!
But here is the topper, they go to the Doctor and ask for it!” Then they buy insurance to help pay more for the suffering and then wonder why they are sicker, broke and still dying!
Cancer treatment.. Insanity?
An out of balance body gets cancer because the body could not adequately respond!
Now the cancer is more powerful than the good cells and processes.
The Doctors says surgery, yet the body could not respond to the cancer.
So now the body, which could not respond to the cancer, has to respond to the stress of surgery plus cancer!
Now the cancer gets worse or comes back and the Doctor says chemo or poison!
Now the body that could not respond adequately to cancer has added surgery then added chemo to try and respond to!
So the body that could not respond to anything was also not allowed to use vitamins and minerals that make the body grow and live!
Why no vitamins and minerals because they are proven to LESSEN the effects of poisonous chemo!
So how or what can be so bad about vitamins and minerals when Doctors say they are more powerful than chemo and chemo is poison!
So maybe vitamins and minerals could and would have prevented cancer! (This is proven)
Then when chemo fails to poison the cancer the Doctor says Radiation we will burn it out! But still no vitamins and minerals! The radiation signs in the hospital say “STAY OUT!”
So how much more stress on the original body that could not respond to the original cancer is needed!
So too much stress then cancer…
The add the stress of surgery…
When that fails…
Then add chemo poison…
When that fails add Radiation…
Then when that fails you can keep suffering and paying…
But don’t take vitamins and minerals because it LESSENS THEIR INCOME!!
And the Doctors say they CARE!! Not so…sorry…
So if you get cancer you can get all the help you can afford but don’t try to use vitamins and minerals to get healthy!
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