Truth is and always will be “the truth,” whether anyone’s emotions are involved or not!


This article “is written for” clarity in the addressing of, the ridiculous, un-factual, untruthful, and “attempts of TRYING to justify” or the “licensing” of any one human being overweight, fat and or obese!


This article “is not written for” the shaming of anyone, it is written “to bring awareness that anyone who has become overweight, fat and or obese that there is a factual long-term natural answer available!”

Also note: the author of this article has been overweight and fat, so there is an “understanding” of the causes and effects that accompany these conditions!


Understand that the facts are clear, that overweight, fat, and obese is totally “unhealthful,” and is mistreatment to the physical body and it’s functions!


Overweight, fat or obese is and always will be a case of “excess!” If someone wishes to look up the definition of these words they will find that it varies in meaning from excess or too much to grossly so!


The truth and FACT is that overweight, fat, and obese is a CHOICE… and always will be from excess and choices!


Fat did not and does not jump on a person…it does not sneak up on a person…nor does fat, just happen!


Fat cannot be blamed out or away on anything except “excess consumption of calories,” this is scientific fact!


Fat  “cannot” just HAPPEN or mysteriously MATERIALIZE!


Fat is excess energy stored on the body, FACT!


Each pound of “fat is 3500 extra or excess calories” stored on the body, or as a close example, a pound of fat is more than 36 extra large eggs being stored!


Fat takes a deliberate movement from hand to mouth! The EXTRA 3500 calories must be consumed to gain “each excess pound!”


A person MUST “BURN 3900 CALORIES to lose each pound of fat!


There is a so-called 400 extra calories (like “interest on a loan”) to be burned for each pound of fat gained!


The good news is that, there is help. YES, help is ALWAYS AVAILABLE!


I have and do, work with overweight, fat, and obese people all the time!

People can and do lose fat at the rate of a size, every 2 – 3 weeks easily! Fat can be lost without hunger, without cravings, while improving blood chemistry, and actually eating more than is always comfortable (seemingly too much food), this is all fact!


To become and stay overweight is a self-defeating, unhealthful thing, period!


Being excessive with body fat, CLEARLY STATES the person “DOES NOT” care about others, like to be around for family members long term or for others!


Sorry, fact is – a choice to stay overweight… is TOTALLY SELFISH, because there is help, there is “a natural long term answer!”                       ©Copyright Bert Seelman 2017



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