CHRONIC FATIGUE…… ”Epstein Barr Virus”

”Epstein Barr Virus”                                                                      ©copyright Bert Seelman 2013

The “wwhhhaaaa,” disease or, poor me!

Look at the name, break it down, try to think, and you will get what it is about! Someone is trying to get attention as to ”I work too hard, I have too much on my plate, I have so many things I have to do, I am so about being so stressed, bla, bla, bla, bla, please give us real people a break! Many get this by “just having to think!” Thinking can be “very overwhelming to many!”

There is Epstein Barr’s Virus, oh that’s another “wwhhhaaa” disease! Commonly called “Chronic Fatigue!” At most it is a very common Herpes virus, and almost everyone has it! It is very simple and bettered by nutritional changes or supplementation, along with reducing physical stress. LOOK AT THE NAME….CHRONIC FATIGUE!

Today most disease is for the very most, part a problem of lazy, sloth, the “pay attention to me” world. Today it is about having an “attention getting device,” called a sickness or illness so attention can be called and excuses rendered! They want on the proverbial “pity potty” so attention is given. I have witnessed this literally hundreds, upon hundreds of times over 40 plus years!

Our body is able to totally reproduce itself every sixteen to eighteen months down to replacing ”every” cell. This said and realized, we have an incredible ability to literally “change our condition and our future” by choosing to eat better and or differently. It is about “preventive actions” self care and maintenance. Self inflicted of too much with too little input of a positive nature!


Yes, the foods or nutrition that we stuff in our “pie hole” or mouth makes the difference in what we become physically. We are recyclable, changeable, daily everything we eat or consume affects our physical make up in a positive or negative way. As I have said for years, “food, it either does something for you, or to you,” so choose! WHAT PART OF THIS EQUATION DON’T PEOPLE GET? Oh yea, it’s the part about how people do not want to even put out the smallest of efforts.

So if you know someone who has this problem remind yourself it is a disease, a mental disease, an attention getting disease, a “me now” problem. They want you to pity them, feel sad for them, see them as a “MARTYR” and feel so very very sad for them. YUCK. Their disorder is chronic fatigue, so what are they changing?

Sickening isn’t it. Get real, most everyone see’s it, but doesn’t have the guts to call it! Those types make me even get “sick!”
Do this, notice when someone is perpetually sick and ill; see how much they actually do for themselves to change their status.????  “they suffer of fatigue”

Watch how much they truly search for answers to their problems or are they “all about” going “to the Doctor?” I say we help them the most powerful way, by saying something along this line, “get off the cross, we need the wood!” Yes, tell them we need the wood to build a wagon to transport the really sick people who are truly seeking healing.

It is time in a world of sloth, laziness and non proactive actions, that “the meaningful” stand up and lead, direct and call it like it is! The truth spoken out, upfront is the way to start helping.

Note: For over forty years I have worked with all types of disease, sickness and illness. I have yet to find “anything” that cannot be helped. The major most part of all problems is that of sloth or laziness or non-action on the part of the individual. If we are truly willing to “get well” God provides a way, the problem is do they want to hear it?



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